HS-HDX250 Shrink Combo System

Ships Within: 5 - 10 Business Days
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The American made HDX model shrink combo units are built for all-day shrink wrapping. The primary difference? The hot knife sealing element. The hot knife sealing blade is designed to make hundreds of thousands of seals before needing to be replaced. The HDX250 includes many other features engineered for all-day shrink wrapping.

The quick-change digital control allows quick and easy adjustments for belt speeds, temperatures, height adjustments, and more. Quick set adjustments are perfect for wrapping multiple product sizes. The shrink tunnel comes standard with a durable mesh belt able to withstand all-day use. The shrink tunnel features patented air velocity flow to ensure even shrink rates time after time.

The HDX line of machines comes with a two-year warranty on all non-wearable parts. Parts are always in stock and can ship within 24 hours or sooner upon request. View all of the machine's features below. Call to request optional features.

The HS-HDX250 Shrink Combo System Features
* Ships in 5 - 10 Business Days
* American Made
* UL 508A Standard Compliant
* 30 Minute Set Up and Easy Operation
* Precise Digital Temperature Controls
* 17”x21” Sealing Area
* Strong, Durable Magnetic Hold Down
* Discharge Conveyor for Hands-Free Sealer-to-Tunnel Transport
* Standard Durable Mesh Belt
* Heavy Duty Locking Casters and Levelers
* 16”x8”x21” Shrink Tunnel Dimensions
* Easy Set Digital Conveyor Speed
* Auto Cool Down Feature for Reduced Wear
* (1) 220V, Single Phase, 23 Amp Bare Wire Plug for the Whole Machine
* Machine Dimensions: 82" Lx32" Wx59" H
Optional Features Below - Call for Details and Pricing

Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless Steel Mesh Belt

Heated Hole Punch

Scrap Unwind Wheel

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