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Shrink Bags (Flat)

$18.97 - $93.97
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases
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Flat PVC shrink bags are closed on three sides for quick and easy shrink packaging. With a sealer and heat gun, professionally package jewelry, crafts, tools, cosmetics, and more. Because of the low temperature required for sealing and shrinking, PVC shrink bags are an excellent option for heat-sensitive products.

Sealer and heat gun settings should be placed low to make good seals and obtain optimum shrink rates. Keep the heat gun moving and hold approximately 8-12 inches from the material. For shrinking with a heat tunnel, temperatures can be set to 220 degrees Fahrenheit with a medium belt speed. From there, adjustments can be made for a perfect shrink rate.

For bulk shrink bag orders over five cases, please fill out our quote form or call 1-800-441-5090. PVC shrink bags are not safe for direct food contact; view our polyolefin shrink bags to purchase food-safe shrink bags.

Flat PVC Shrink Bag Features:

*Low Shrink and Seal Temperatures Required

*Three Enclosed Sides

*Excellent Clarity

*Strong Seals

*Bulk Case Packed

*Durable 100 Gauge Thickness


Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductWidth x LengthGaugeQty./UnitUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
DU-PVC-360-464 X 6 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA 4"x6"1005001 Case2 LBS $18.97N/A
DU-PVC-360-666 x 6 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x6"1005001 Case2 LBS $22.34N/A
DU-PVC-360-676 x 7 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x7"1005001 Case2 LBS $24.38N/A
DU-PVC-360-696 x 9 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x9"1005001 Case2.5 LBS $26.81N/A
DU-PVC-360-6116 X 11 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x11"1005001 Case2.5 LBS$29.46$24.50
DU-PVC-360-8128 X 12 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA8"x12"1005001 Case3 LBS $41.97N/A
DU-PVC-360-9149 X 14 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA9"x14"1005001 Case3 LBS$45.49$40.70
DU-PVC-360-1216A12 X 16 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x16"1002501 Case4 LBS $40.24N/A
DU-PVC-360-121612 X 16 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x16"1005001 Case8 LBS $71.08N/A
DU-PVC-360-1218A12 X 18 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x18"1002501 Case6 LBS $45.75N/A
DU-PVC-360-121812 x 18 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x18"1005001 Case12 LBS $85.30N/A
DU-PVC-360-1420A14 X 20 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA14"x20"1002501 Case7 LBS $62.28N/A
DU-PVC-360-142014 X 20 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA14"x20"1005001 Case14 LBS $93.97N/A
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