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Shrink Bags (Flat)

$14.70 - $72.87
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases
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Shrink bags are excellent for wrapping jewelry, makeup, gift baskets, and other products. All PVC shrink bags offer exceptional clarity and require low temperatures to shrink. The shrink temperatures required are approximately 180° - 220° Fahrenheit. Professionally package a wide range of products.

For professional packaging, a sealer and heat gun are recommended. All equipment needed for professional shrink bag packaging can be found on our shrink wrap machines page. The most common sealer used with shrink bags are round wire impulse sealers.

Shrink wrap bags listed below are made from PVC, which isn't recommended for direct food contact. Proper ventilation is required when sealing PVC shrink film.

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SKUProductWidth x LengthGaugeQty./UnitUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
DU-PVC-360-464 X 6 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA 4"x6"1005001 Case2 LBS $14.70N/A
DU-PVC-360-666 x 6 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x6"1005001 Case2 LBS $17.33N/A
DU-PVC-360-676 x 7 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x7"1005001 Case2 LBS $18.90N/A
DU-PVC-360-696 x 9 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x9"1005001 Case2.5 LBS $20.79N/A
DU-PVC-360-6116 X 11 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA6"x11"1005001 Case2.5 LBS $22.84N/A
DU-PVC-360-8128 X 12 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA8"x12"1005001 Case3 LBS $32.55N/A
DU-PVC-360-9149 X 14 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA9"x14"1005001 Case3 LBS $35.28N/A
DU-PVC-360-1216A12 X 16 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x16"1002501 Case4 LBS $31.19N/A
DU-PVC-360-121612 X 16 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x16"1005001 Case8 LBS $55.13N/A
DU-PVC-360-1218A12 X 18 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x18"1002501 Case6 LBS $35.49N/A
DU-PVC-360-121812 x 18 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA12"x18"1005001 Case12 LBS $66.15N/A
DU-PVC-360-1420A14 X 20 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA14"x20"1002501 Case7 LBS $48.30N/A
DU-PVC-360-142014 X 20 SHRINK WRAP BAGS 100 GA14"x20"1005001 Case14 LBS $72.87N/A
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