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Heat Shrink Wrap Guns

Use a heat shrink gun to package retail and consumable items professionally. All guns require a 110-volt power supply with 1200 watts. Purchase a two-speed base model option or a variable speed option.

Two Speed Heat Gun
2-Speed Heat Shrink Gun

Great Price, Durable Product!

Variable Temp heat Gun Small
Variable Temp. Heat Shrink Gun

Variable Settings!


Heat Shrink Gun Information

Our heat shrink wrap guns allow users to set variable temp. ranges to help control shrink rates and reduce packaging damage. Shrink wrap heat guns are a great option for a heating source in small to medium-sized operations. Many people often call wanting to know if they can use a hair dryer for a heating element. A hair dryer can be used, but we do not recommend it for anyone trying to efficiently shrink wrap multiple products. The maximum temperature most hair dryers reach is not high enough to establish an effective heat source for shrinking multiple products.

Both of the heat shrink guns we offer online can reach a higher temperature than hair dryers, therefore both can shrink film quickly and efficiently. The difference between the two-speed heat gun and the variable temp. heat gun is the available heat settings. The two-speed heat gun only offers two heat settings for shrinking, the variable temp. heat gun offers an adjustable heat dial for full temperature control. Both heat guns will work adequately for most shrinking operations, the variable temp heat gun just adds an extra amount of heat control.

We offer more shrink wrap heat guns than shown above as well as shrink wrap tunnels, click on the live chat button, visit the contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090. One of our sales associates will be happy to assist you.

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