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Polyolefin Shrink Bags

$27.08 - $57.83
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Polyolefin shrink bags are perfect for packaging retail items of all sizes. They provide excellent clarity perfect for displaying products on store shelves. Polyolefin shrink bags are FDA approved for direct food contact, making them an excellent option for bakeries, delis, confectionaries, and more!

Companies choose polyolefin shrink bags over PVC shrink bags because of the clarity, soft-touch, and reduced odor during shrinking. A perfect option to be used with impulse sealers and I bar sealers. Each bag has a small vent hole near the bottom of the bag. The hole is small and difficult to see with the naked eye.

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SKUProductWidth x LengthGaugeQty./UnitUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
SS-OSB-4-6-100A4 X 6 POLYOLEFIN SHRINK BAGS4"x6"1005001 Case1 LBS$27.08$23.50
SS-OSB-6-65-100A6 X 6.5 POLYOLEFIN SHRINK BAGS6"x6.5"1005001 Case2 LBS$32.97$27.10
SS-OSB-65-105-100A6.5 X 10.5 POLYOLEFIN SHRINK BAGS6.5"x10.5"1005001 Case3 LBS$46.92$39.95
SS-OSB-8-12-100A8 X 12 POLYOLEFIN SHRINK BAGS8"x12"1005001 Case3 LBS$57.83$38.70
SS-OSB-12-16-100B12 X 16 POLYOLEFIN SHRINK BAGS12"x16"1002501 Case3 LBS $46.78N/A
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