Shrink Tubing

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Shrink tubing is ideal for cylindrical products or bundling more than one

product together. Many companies use shrink tubing to wrap bottles and tubular containers. Shrink tubing offers the same benefits as shrink wrap bags, with the ability to change the length of the tube.


Shrink tubing comes in a variety of roll lengths to help accommodate different production levels. It works well with manual or automatic shrink wrap machines. PVC shrink tubing has a low temp. shrink rate (200°F-250°F) which helps to make sealing quick and easy. It offers an overall shrink rate of up to 40% in all directions.

For low output operations, we recommend a hand impulse sealer with a cutting blade and a heat gun to seal shrink tubing packages. The cutting blade enables users to seal the product being packaged and cut the excess film from the roll side of the tubing to leave the end open for inserting another product.


Due to the chloride found in the PVC material, it is recommended that users have proper ventilation when sealing. This tubing should not come into direct contact with consumable products. Visit our shrink wrap library to learn more about shrink tubing and the benefits it offers.


Shrink Tubing Measurement Equation

Circumference x 1.1÷2 = Tubing Width Needed


Shrink Tubing Price Quote

Product Details:
SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceQty
DU-PVC-415-022.5x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing2.5"x1500'13011 Case3 LBS ($34.00)
DU-PVC-415-044x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing4"x1500'10011 Case5 LBS ($34.75)
DU-PVC-415-066x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing6"x1500'10011 Case7 LBS ($43.05)
DU-PVC-415-088x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing8"x1500'10011 Case10 LBS ($58.10)
DU-PVC-415-1010x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing 10"x1500'10011 Case12 LBS ($71.35)
DU-PVC-415-1212x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing12"x1500'10011 Case14 LBS ($87.90)
DU-PVC-415-1414x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing14"x1500'10011 Case16 LBS ($98.90)
DU-PVC-415-1616x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing16"x1500'10011 Case19 LBS ($119.00)
DU-PVC-425-1616x250 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing16"x250'10011 Case5.3 LBS ($25.25)
DU-PVC-415-1818x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing 18"x1500'10011 Case26 LBS ($137.00)
DU-PVC-415-2020x1500 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing20"x1500'10011 Case30 LBS ($150.00)
DU-PVC-415-2424x750 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing24"x750'10011 Case24 LBS ($84.70)
DU-PVC-425-2424x250 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing24"x250'10011 Case8 LBS ($37.22)
DU-PVC-425-2828x250 100 Ga. Shrink Wrap Tubing28"x250'10011 Case9 LBS ($64.62)

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