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Shrink Bundling Film

$283.21 - $394.46
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shrink bundling film bullseye

Polyethylene shrink bundling film is a thick single wound shrink film used for heavy-duty packaging applications. Cases of water bottles and carbonated beverages are packaged in 2 - 3 mil thicknesses. All of our shrink bundling rolls are single wound rolls made to fit shrink bundling machinery. Most shrink bundlers use two single wound rolls to seal and secure water bottles, jars, canned foods, and more. Two ends are open with round holes known as bullseyes.

Shrink bundling film can be used with a shrink bundler and shrink tunnel for high-speed packaging applications. Our stock polyethylene rolls offer up to a 15% shrink rate. All widths come on a 3” core size. Free shipping on orders of 7 or more rolls.

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SKUProductWidthLengthThicknessMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
LA-1355016" Shrink Bundling Film16"4200'2 MIl1 Roll54 LBS $283.21N/A
LA-1355218" Shrink Bundling Film18"4200'2 Mil1 Roll61 LBS $314.65N/A
LA-1355420" Shrink Bundling Film20"4200'2 Mil1 Roll67 LBS $339.66N/A
LA-1355622" Shrink Bundling Film22"4200'2 Mil1 Roll74 LBS $360.36N/A
LA-1355824" Shrink Bundling Film24"4200'2 MIl1 Roll80 LBS $394.46N/A

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