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Rotating Shrink Wrap Machine Images

At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC, we strive to make the buying experience more enjoyable and informing. We believe purchasers can gain better understanding of packaging products with the proper information. The new 360 degree shrink wrap machine images are another example of how we are trying to provide the best online buying experience before and after the sale.

The set of shrink wrap machines featured below is the first set of two sets of rotating machine images. For this post we used the .Gif images, but in the future we will have interactive 360 images with additional interactive features on each machine. Each Machine below is in stock and can ship within 24 hours of a completed purchase. Click on the image to view machine pricing and details. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to request a quote.

Rotating 360 Degree I Bar System

I Bar Sealer - I Bar sealers are one of our best selling shrink wrap machines. Each sealer comes with everything needed to begin shrink wrapping. Companies can wrap up to 100 - 200 products per day.

13" L Bar Rotating Image

13"x13" L Bar Sealer - The tabletop 13"x13" L-Bar sealer is another best seller for customers wanting to increase shrink wrapping efficiency. The sealer is light weight and can be easily moved when needed.

TL-76ST Rotating Image

76ST Shrink Chamber - The 220V 76ST shrink chamber is perfect for offices and smaller production areas. The 76ST is capable of  shrink wrapping 3-6 products per minute. Users can simply insert the product into the film and close the lid. Once the lid opens the product is professionally packaged.

1519 Shrink Combo System Rotating Image

1519 Shrink Wrap Combo System - The 1519 shrink combo system is an all-in-one system ideal for wrapping thousands of product daily. Available in 110V and 220V models, the 1519 is easily set-up and can dramatically increase production time.

1808-28 Shrink Tunnel Rotating view

1808-28 Shrink Tunnel - The 1808-28 shrink tunnel is a high performance 220V shrink tunnel capable of packaging thousands of products daily. The blower control allows users full control over air velocity. Tunnels can easily be set-up and adjusted to the proper settings within minutes.



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