Shrink Tunnel (1808-28)

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This compact General Purpose medium duty heat shrink tunnel features a live roller rod conveyor capable of running up to 95 feet per minute. The Fully re-circulating air system ensures an even shrink every time. An Automatic cool down feature reduces wear on machine parts. All tunnels come with a powerful ½ HP Blower Motor to produce precise shrink rates. Locking casters with leveling pads allow easy moving and transport.

This tunnel is ideal for a variety of packages and offers a range of settings that can be adjusted to accommodate the shrink film being used. Centerfold shrink rolls, shrink bags, and shrink wrap tubing all work well with this tunnel.

Chamber Dimensions: Length 28", Width 18", Height 8" or 12"

Machine Dimensions: Length 40", Width 26", Height 61"

Shrink Tunnel Weight: 500 Lbs.

Shrink Tunnel Power Options: 220 Volts= 40 amps

Crate Dimensions: Length 41″, Width 28″, Height 66″

Tunnel Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturers warranty on all parts

Call 1-800-441-5090 for a Freight Quote! This machine is available for a 2-year extended warranty when purchased at the time of sale. 

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SKUProductVoltsChamber Dimensions LxWxHWeightPriceQty
TL-1808-28Shrink Tunnel (1808-28)22028"x18"x8"500 LBS ($4,600.00)
TL-1812-28Shrink Tunnel (1812-28)22028"x18"x12"540 LBS ($5,200.00)

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