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How to Professionally Package Bath Bombs

To offer customers, a better in-store experience, retail bath bomb packaging should display the product's sight and smell. The vibrant colors and enticing aromas will help drive sales and increase attention while on store shelves. The packaging should also protect and enclose the product to prevent shattering when dropped or crushed. 

Heat shrink wrap is a clear protective packaging solution that uses vent holes to allow air to escape the film during shrinking. The small pin-sized vent holes enable smells to escape the packaging. Shrink wrapping offers a protective enclosure while displaying the bath bomb look and smell.

The use of a thin shrink wrap film provides increased protection while still allowing easy opening. Customers can easily open the packaging by hand after purchase. The wholly sealed package also offers extra security from dropped or crushed bath bombs. The full enclosure prevents powders from exploding when dropped or damaged.

The most affordable option for professional bath bomb shrink wrapping is the use of shrink bags, a heat sealer, and a shrink gun. The heat sealer seals the bag closed, and the heat gun shrinks the bag around the bath bomb. The finished look is the same as more expensive options, but more time is required to package each product.

Heat Gun + Sealer + Shrink Bags - 200 or Less Bath Bombs Daily - Under $200

Bath Bomb Packaging with Shrink Bags

When looking at different machine options, the main difference is the efficiency of the machine. Higher costing shrink machines are much faster and capable of wrapping thousands of products daily. The 1519 is a shrink combo system capable of packing over 3,000 bath bombs daily.

1519 Shrink Combo System - 3,000 or More Bath Bombs Daily - $6,300

1519 Shrink Combo Bath Bomb Packaging

The recommended type of shrink film used for bath bomb packaging is a 45 - 75 gauge polyolefin shrink film. The lower the gauge, the thinner the film. A thinner film will allow for more effortless opening, but not provide as much break protection from dropped or crushed rolls.

Polyolefin shrink film is softer to the touch than PVC shrink film and provides excellent clarity. Polyolefin shrink film is available in shrink bags and centerfold rolls. The bags come with a pre-made vent hole and rolls can be perforated by most machines.

Polyolefin Shrink Rolls and Bags

Polyolefin Shrink Rolls and Bags

The finished product can be easily seen, smelled, and held. Branded stickers can be designed and placed onto the film at a minimal cost. Call 1-800-441-5090 with questions and inquiries or shop online at

Shrink Wrapped Bath Bombs



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