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Biodegradable Hand Stretch Wrap


Biodegradable hand stretch wrap is an environmentally-friendly packaging option for wrapping and securing pallets and bulk items for transit and storage. In addition to being a ‘green’ film, the standard eighty-gauge hand stretch wrap is strong with an excellent stretch rate of up to 150%.

The D2W additive is approved as a biodegradable option by countries worldwide. During the manufacturing process, the D2W additive is included, and the material is extruded into film and placed onto rolls. The biodegradable hand wrap is a conventional wrap during indoor usage and storage.

After usage, the material can be collected and recycled. If recycling is not an option, the additive activates once the stretch wrap is exposed to the outdoor environment. Upon activation, the material will begin an irreversible breakdown and, over time, leave nothing more than carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

Pallets wrapped in biodegradable hand stretch wrap can not be stored in exterior elements.

Biodegradable Hand Stretch Wrap Features:

 *Standard 3” Core

*Up to 150% Stretch Rates

*Stable Indoor Storage and Usage

*Full Pallet Orders Ship Free

*Comparable to Standard Stretch Film

*Fully Bio Transforms When Disposed


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WT-1880A-BIO18x1500 80 Ga. Biodegradable Hand Stretch Wrap18"x1500'80 Ga.41 Case35 LBS$83.50$78.70
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