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4 Mil Vacuum Bags

$93.77 - $299.92
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases
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Four mil vacuum bags are considered heavy duty vacuum bags ideal for sharp edges and corners. Many meat packagers use 4 mil vacuum bags for bone-in meat products. All 4 mil vacuum bags are FDA approved poly-nylon bags perfect for consumable and non-consumable products.

We offer quotes on orders of 5 or more cases of mixed sizes or the same size. We offer custom sizes, printing, and stock black vacuum bags. These bags are not for use on vacuum sealers with a built-in air compressor. View our channeled vacuum bags if your vacuum sealer has a built-in compressor. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 or click on the request quote button for a quote.

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Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductW x LThicknessQty./CaseUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
SS-VB4-06086x8 Vacuum Bags6"x8"4 MIL10001 Cs17 LBS $93.77N/A
SS-VB4-06106x10 Vacuum Bags6"x10"4 MIL10001 Cs21 LBS $116.65N/A
SS-VB4-08108x10 Vacuum Bags8"x10"4 MIL10001 Cs27 LBS $145.83N/A
SS-VB4-08128x12 Vacuum Bags8"x12"4 MIL10001 Cs31 LBS $166.69N/A
SS-VB4-08158x15 Vacuum Bags8"x15"4 MIL5001 Cs28 LBS $104.20N/A
SS-VB4-08228x22 Vacuum Bags8"x22"4 MIL5001 Cs28 LBS $172.90N/A
SS-VB4-101210x12 Vacuum Bags10"x12"4 MIL10001 Cs37 LBS $191.66N/A
SS-VB4-101510x15 Vacuum Bags10"x15"4 MIL10001 Cs45 LBS $254.16N/A
SS-VB4-101610x16 Vacuum Bags10"x16"4 MIL10001 Cs48 LBS $277.04N/A
SS-VB4-101810x18 Vacuum Bags10"x18"4 MIL5001 Cs48 LBS $154.16N/A
SS-VB4-102210x22 Vacuum Bags10"x22"4 MIL5001 Cs41 LBS $191.61N/A
SS-VB4-121412x14 Vacuum Bags12"x14"4 MIL10001 Cs50 LBS $299.92N/A
SS-VB4-121812X18 Vacuum Bags12"X18"4 mil5001 cS32 LBS $174.99N/A
SS-VB4-122212x22 Vacuum Bags12"x22"4 MIL5001 Cs42 LBS $229.15N/A
SS-VB4-142014x20 Vacuum Bags14"x20"4 MIL5001 Cs40 LBS$233.30$204.60
SS-VB4-162016x20 Vacuum Bags16"x20"4 MIL2501 Cs49 LBS $262.49N/A
SS-VB4-162616x26 Vacuum Bags16"x26"4 MIL2501 Cs33 LBS $170.81N/A
SS-VB4-182818x28 Vacuum Bags18"x28"4 MIL2501 Cs38 LBS $218.74N/A
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