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Channeled Vacuum Bags

$25.64 - $419.74
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases
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Channeled vacuum bags are textured vacuum bags designed to allow air to escape easily from each bag. Textured bags also offer an extra oxygen barrier to preserve packaged products.

All of our channeled vacuum bags are standard 3 Mil thicknesses. These bags are made to work with home use vacuum sealers such as FoodSaver or Seal-a-Meal. We offer quotes on orders of 5 or more cases of the same or different sizes. Click on the request quote button below or call us at 1-800-441-5090.

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Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductW x LThicknessQty./CaseUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
SS-MR-0612K-1006X12 Channeled Bags6"x12"3 MIL1001 Cs4 LBS $25.64N/A
SS-MR-0612K-10006X12 Channeled Bags6"x12"3 MIL10001 Cs24 LBS$187.45$164.55
SS-MR-0810K-1008X10 Channeled Bags8x10 Channeled Bags3 MIL1001 Cs23 LBS $31.47N/A
SS-MR-0810K-10008X10 Channeled Bags8X10 Channeled Bags3 MIL10001 Cs23 LBS$243.60$205.10
SS-MR-0812K-1008x12 Channeled Bags8"x12"3 MIL1001 Cs4 LBS $33.37N/A
SS-MR-0812K-10008x12 Channeled Bags8"x12"3 MIL10001 Cs30 LBS $266.41N/A
SS-MK-1014K-10010x14 Channeled Bags10"x14"3 MIL1001 Cs6 LBS $41.64N/A
SS-MR-1014K-50010x14 Channeled Bags10"x14"3 MIL5001 Cs23 LBS $207.38N/A
SS-MR-1216K-10012x16 Channeled Bags12"x16"3 MIL1001 Cs7 LBS $60.86N/A
SS-MR-1216K-50012x16 Channeled Bags12"x16"3 MIL5001 Cs30 LBS $248.26N/A
SS-MR-1624K-10016x24 Channeled Bags16"x24"3 MIL1001 Cs14 LBS $116.82N/A
SS-MR-1624K-40016x24 Channeled Bags16"x24"3 MIL4001 Cs62 LBS $419.74N/A
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