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Black Vacuum Bags (4 Mil)

$231.48 - $335.02
Ships Within: 24 Hours
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Black vacuum seal bags are made from a Nylon/LLDPE combination capable of holding a long-term vacuum. The black opaque bags block out light from degrading food quality. Commonly used forwrapping cheeses, butters, and other dairy products.

The high nylon content provides extra puncture resistance and strength when used in demanding environments. The materials are FDA approved for direct food contact.

We have many customers using black vacuum bags with a nitrogen flush to preserve flower, herbs, and many other degradable products. The high barrier and low light are perfect for preserving smell, moisture, and quality.

Call or request a quote for quantities over 5 cases. We also offer a large range of custom capabilities. Custom sizes and printing are available with low minimums and fast turnarounds.

These bags are not for use on vacuum sealers with a built-in air compressor. Call 1-800-441-5090 to inquire about our custom capabilities.

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SKUProductW x LThicknessQty./CaseUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
SP-8x12NP400K8x12 Black Vacuum Bags8"x12"4 Mil10001 Cs28 LBS $257.46N/A
SP-10x15NP400K10x15 Black Vacuum Bags10"x15"4 Mil10001 Cs43 LBS $318.48N/A
SP-12x18NP400K12x18 Black Vacuum Bags12"x18"4 Mil5001 Cs31 LBS $231.48N/A
SP-16x20NP400K16x20 Black Vacuum Bags16"x20"4 Mil5001 Cs57 LBS$335.02$240.64
SP-18x28NP400K18x28 Black Vacuum Bags18"x28"4 Mil2501 Cs39 LBS$289.31$193.00
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