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Reclosable White Barrier Bags

$211.54 - $352.06

A reclosable pouch or bag is a customer-friendly option for keeping products fresh after being opened. White foil pouches feature foil as a barrier for superior protection from spoilage. All white foil bags are opaque and block light and oxygen from depredating the contents of the bag.

All sizes of our reclosable white barrier bags feature a 4 mil foil laminated material. Each bag has a hanger hole ½” from the top of the bag. The K-style seals help stabilize the bottom of the pouch for upright shelf storage.

Features Include:

*Superior Barrier Properties for Longer Shelf Life

*Excellent Puncture Resistance

*K-style Seal for Bottom Stability

*Reclosable Zipper for Fresh Storage

*4 Mil Thickness for Durable Strength

*Lower Oxygen Transmittal Rate than Co-Extruded Materials

*Superior Seal Strength

*Attractive Exterior for Retail Packaging & Customization

*Tear Notch for Easy Opening

*Stand-up or Hanger Hole Display Option

*USDA and FDA Approved for Direct Food Contact


Product Details:
SKUProductW/LColorThicknessQty/CaseWeightPriceSale PriceQty
LA-64404"x6" Reclosable White Barrier Bags4"x6"White4 Mil100011 LBS $240.13N/A
LA-64455"x8.5" Reclosable White Barrier Bags5"x8.5"White4 Mil100018 LBS $295.35N/A
LA-64506"x9.5" Reclosable White Barrier Bags6"x9.5"White4 Mil100027 LBS $352.06N/A
LA-64557.5"x11" Reclosable White Barrier Bags7.5"x11"White4 Mil50020 LBS $211.54N/A
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