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Twist Ties

$10.19 - $18.69
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 10 or More Cases

Twist Ties are usually a paper or plastic coated metal wire used to close several types of bags. The most common types of bags used are Bread Bags, Ice Bags, Trash bags or Poly bags.

Twist Ties have an advantage over other types of bags closures as they are reusable and are easily applied and removed. Take the Twist Tie and wrap it around the open end of the bag and twist the ends of the Twist Ties together until you have closed the end of the bag.

Many bread, Ice, and produce manufactures use Twist Ties for ease of opening and reclosure. Twist Ties are a very economical way of temporary closing bags.

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SKUProductTypeLengthColorQty./CaseWeightPriceSale PriceQty
IP-TT-PA-4R4 Inch Paper Twist TiesPaper4"Red20001 LBS $10.19N/A
IP-TT-PL-4R4 Inch Plastic Twist TiesPlastic4"Red20001 LBS $10.99N/A
IP-TT-PA-5R5 Inch Paper Twist TiesPaper5"Red20001.2 LBS $12.13N/A
IP-TT-PA-6R6 Inch Paper Twist TiesPaper6"Red20002 LBS $13.38N/A
IP-TT-PL-6R6 Inch Plastic Twist TiesPlastic6"Red20002 LBS $15.54N/A
IP-TT-PA-8R8 Inch Paper Twist TiesPaper8"Red20002.5 LBS $16.97N/A
IP-TT-PL-8R8 Inch Plastic Twist TiesPlastic8"Red20002.5 LBS $18.69N/A

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