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Gusseted Bread Bags

$22.95 - $83.74
Ships Within: 48 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases

Gusseted bread bags are an excellent packaging option for bakeries and home bread makers. All gusseted bread bags are made from FDA approved ultra-clear virgin low-density polyethylene.

Gusseted bags offer folded sides that expand to easily fit most bread loaves. Bags can be closed with twist ties, tape, staples, or heat sealed. See the chart below for case quantities and sizes.

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SKUProductSizeThicknessQty./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
IP-BR-HI0608LGusseted Bread Bags 4x8x24"Wx8"Lx2"G.65 Mil20001 Case4 LBS $27.02N/A
IP-BR-HI0608Gusseted Bread Bags 4x8x24"Wx8"Lx2"G1 Mil10001 Case3 LBS $22.95N/A
IP-BR-HI0612LGusseted Bread Bags 4x12x24"Wx12"Lx2"G.65 Mil20001 Case6 LBS $37.26N/A
IP-BR-HI0612Gusseted Bread Bags 4x12x24"Wx12"Lx2"G1 Mil10001 Case5 LBS $35.12N/A
IP-BR-HI0912LGusseted Bread Bags 6x12x36"Wx12"Lx3"G.65 Mil10001 Case5 LBS $24.98N/A
IP-BR-HI0912Gusseted Bread Bags 6x12x36"Wx12"Lx3"G1 Mil10001 Case7 LBS $34.11N/A
IP-BR-HI1015LGusseted Bread Bags 5.5x15x4.755.5"Wx15"Lx4.75"G.65 Mil10001 Case7 LBS $31.56N/A
IP-BR-HI0815Gusseted Bread Bags 5x15x35"Wx15"Lx3"G1 Mil10001 Case8 LBS $42.07N/A
IP-BR-HI0915LGusseted Bread Bags 6x15x36"Wx15"Lx3"G.65 Mil10001 Case6 LBS $29.84N/A
IP-BR-HI0915AGusseted Bread Bags 6x15x36"Wx15"Lx3"G1 Mil10001 Case9 LBS $35.55N/A
IP-BR-HI1115LGusseted Bread Bags 8x15x38"Wx15"Lx3"G.65 Mil10001 Case7 LBS $36.48N/A
IP-BR-HI0918Gusseted Bread Bags 5x18x45"Wx18"Lx4"G1 Mil10001 Case11 LBS $48.13N/A
IP-BR-HI1218LGusseted Bread Bags 8x18x48"Wx18"Lx4"G.65 Mil10001 Case9 LBS $46.00N/A
IP-BR-HI1218Gusseted Bread Bags 8x18x48"Wx18"Lx4"G1 Mil10001 Case15 LBS $55.35N/A
IP-BR-HI1019LGusseted Bread Bags 5.5x19x4.755.5"Wx19"Lx4.47"G.65 Mil10001 Case8 LBS $46.00N/A
IP-BR-HI1019Gusseted Bread Bags 5.5x19x4.755.5"Wx19"Lx4.75"G1 Mil10001 Case13 LBS $51.69N/A
IP-BR-HI1420LGusseted Bread Bags 10x20x410"Wx20"Lx4"G.65 Mil10001 Case14 LBS $60.63N/A
IP-BR-HI1824Gusseted Bread Bags 12x24x612"Wx24"Wx6"G1 Mil5001 Case15 LBS $71.30N/A
IP-BR_HI1824LGusseted Bread Bags 10x24x810"Wx24"Lx8"G.65 Mil5001 Case11 LBS $48.73N/A
IP-BR-HI0824Gusseted Bread Bags 5.5x24x35.5"Wx24"Lx3"G1 Mil10001 Case14 LBS $71.30N/A
IP-BR-HI2030Gusseted Bread Bags 12x30x812"Wx30"Lx8"G1 Mil5001 Case20 LBS $83.74N/A

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