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Duct Tape

Silver duct tape with a coated cloth backing or coated polyethylene coating. Patch and fix broken items or secure boxes and other materials in place—all duct tape sold in case quantities.

Silver 3939 3m Duct Tape
3M Silver 3939 Duct Tape

3M economy duct tape!

$209.65 - $245.14
3m Scotch Duct Tape
3M Scotch Cloth Duct Tape 393

Great for metal working!


Duct Tape Information

Duct tape is one of the most versatile tapes available to the public. It offers great strength and adheres to most any surfaces. Duct tape has made an impact on our culture. People around the nation and the world have found new and exciting uses for it. Everything ranging from duct tape wallets to duct tape boats.

We carry a large variety of duct tape products, only a fraction of which are offered online. Currently, we only offer silver tape online. That is what we commonly sell to our clients. We have multiple colors we offer as well. Be sure to call us if you are looking for a specific color. Our best selling duct tape is the 3M 3939. Below is a brief explanation of the 3939 line of duct tape as well as the other duct tapes offered online.

*3M 3939 Duct Tape- One of the best selling lines of duct tape in the world. The 3M 3939 line is versatile and ideal for a large variety of uses. Most companies and individuals make it a point to have a roll of duct tape available for different situations that may arise.

The 3939 tape is often used for reinforcing, wrapping, splicing, holding, and more. The rubber adhesive material allows the tape to stick to most any surfaces.

*Scotch 3M 393 Cloth Duct Tape- Cloth duct tape is a premium type of tape many companies choose because of the superior qualities it offers. The 3M 393 cloth duct tape offers excellent moisture proofing and sealing. It is designed to stick to a wide variety of surfaces including metal.

*Nashua 393 Cloth Duct Tape- Nashua cloth duct tape is an economical tape designed to be an alternative to the Scotch 393 duct tape. It offers many of the same qualities at a fraction of the cost. 

Currently, we only offer case quantities online. If you are looking for a specific tape that you do not see, or have any questions. Click on the live chat button, visit our contact us page, or call our toll free number at 1-800-441-5090.

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