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Finding the right packaging solution for your business's needs can be a long difficult road to travel. At U.S. Packaging & Wrapping we strive to make that road shorter and easier. If you have questions about a process or type of packaging you are interested in we will try to help find a solution. See the instructions below and let us help you find the missing piece.

Step One

Identify the problem you are having and obtain as much information as possible to provide when contacting us. Helpful information includes:

*Product(s) size(s) LxWxH and weight(s)

*Projected and current production levels

*Desired look to finished products if possible. We understand sometimes people do not know what look they are after, but some companies have examples of a finished product they are wanting to obtain. Pictures of the desired finished products are welcomed.

*Detail any transportation stress the product may incur after being wrapped. Be ready to inform us what will happen to the product after being wrapped. Will it be exposed to exterior elements, how will it be shipped, will any additional protection be used during transport?

*Desired Budget

Step Two

Contact us via phone M-F 8-5 Central time, via email ( anytime, or live chat. If the representative that answers is not knowledgeable about the application we will find the right associate that is.

Step Three

Once the right associate gathers information, different material and machine options will be presented. To further ensure the right options are presented the associate can offer:

*Material samples for testing if machines are available at the customer's facility.

*In-house testing if no machines are available at the customer's facility. Send the product to us and we will run samples in our demo room.

*Provide example videos of previously ran products. We have a video library of hundreds of video that can be great examples for different products and machines.

*In-house mock-ups. If time is an issue and shipping products for in-house testing will take too long, we can often mock up examples in-house. We have the ability to make multiple box sizes in-house for quicker testing.

*If the application will not work with a machine or material we offer, our associate will try to recommend the best company for the application.

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