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Kraft Paper Rolls 40 Lb.

$26.98 - $130.08

The 40 lb. Kraft paper weight is slightly thicker than a 30 lb. paper weight. The 40 lb. Kraft paper works great for wrapping a variety of different products. All 40 lb. Kraft paper rolls are made from recycled materials and can be recycled after use. Wrap mid-sized products or use for void fill.

The rolls are durable and have increased tear strength. All 40 lb. rolls are available in 900 ft. lengths. A standard 3 inch core is perfect for axle or roller mounting.

Features Include:

* Core Savers Included
* Made From Recycled Materials
* 900 Feet Per Roll
* Multiple Widths Available
* Sizing Help 1 Call Away

Multiple quantity orders save on shipping and are discounted starting at 5 or more rolls. We also offer Kraft paper sheets that are pre-cut to specific sizes if needed.


Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductWidthLengthQty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
BP-KP124012x900 Kraft Paper Roll12"900'1 Roll12 LBS $26.98N/A
BP-KP154015x900 Kraft Paper Roll15"900'1 Roll15 LBS $33.25N/A
BP-KP184018x900 Kraft Paper Roll18"900'1 Roll18 LBS $39.69N/A
BP-KP204020x900 Kraft Paper Roll20"900'1 Roll20 LBS $43.91N/A
BP-KP244024x900 Kraft Paper Roll24"900'1 Roll24 LBS $52.40N/A
BP-KP304030x900 Kraft Paper Roll30"900'1 Roll30 LBS $66.67N/A
BP-KP364036x900 Kraft Paper Roll36"900'1 Roll36 LBS $79.38N/A
BP-KP404040x900 Kraft Paper Roll40"900'1 Roll40 LBS $84.14N/A
BP-KP484048x900 Kraft Paper Roll48"900'1 Roll48 LBS $104.99N/A
BP-KP604060x900 Kraft Paper Roll60"900'1 Roll60 LBS $130.08N/A

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