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Kraft Paper Sheets

Brown paper sheets are sold in stacks or bundles for packaging and protecting products. Kraft paper sheets have many uses for packing products and other projects. Heavier paper weight means thicker pre-cut sheets to use as needed.

Kraft paper sheets are great for products of consistent size. We offer several Kraft paper sheets in standard sizes and basis weights. Kraft paper sheets make wrapping products easy and quick. Most of our Kraft sheet bundles weigh approximately 50 pounds. This is to help keep shipping costs consistent for the multiple basis weights of Kraft sheets we offer.

Several clients of ours use Kraft sheets for wrapping individual objects and void fill. Another excellent use for Kraft sheets is to use them for slip sheets. To separate layers, many companies use Kraft sheets between different products on a pallet. We sell to multiple dog food mills that lay the Kraft sheets between layers of dog food bags to identify different types of dog food and shipments going out. Oftentimes, the Kraft sheets can cause a slipping effect and cause the product to slide off the pallet. If that becomes an issue, please call us; we offer an anti-slip Kraft sheet that should prevent this problem.

When choosing a Kraft sheet bundle, we recommend for users consider basis weight. The basis weight of the paper is said to measure the mass of the paper unit. This is directly related to the thickness of the paper. The heavier, thicker paper is excellent for protecting from various impacts during shipping. It is also less likely to tear than a lighter-weight Kraft paper. For more absorbent Kraft paper sheets, try our indented Kraft paper sheets. They help to absorb shock and bounce back after shipping impacts.

If you have questions about our Kraft sheets or products, feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or click on the contact us page.

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