gift basket shrink bags

$25.00 - $135.05
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases

Gift basket shrink bags offer the same advantages as flat PVC shrink wrap bags, with the ability to fit baskets and different sized objects. All cases of these domed PVC shrink wrap bags sell in quantities of 100 or 250 shrink wrap bags per case.


These shrink wrap bags require a low shrink temperature (200°F to 250°F) for shrinkage. Users can get up to a 40% shrink rate in all directions with these shrink wrap bags. They are ideal for a variety of gift and fruit bags. Be sure to always order bags larger than the product being wrapped. Bags can shrink up to 40% of original size.


Small output operations can use a heat gun with gift basket shrink bags to wrap hundreds of gift baskets per day.


Due to the chloride found in the PVC material, it is recommended that users have proper ventilation when sealing the bags. The shrink wrap bags should not come into direct contact with consumable products. Visit our shrink wrap library to learn more about shrink wrap bags and the benefits they offer.




Product Details:
DU-PVC-380-1214A12 1/2x14 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.12 1/2"x14"1001001 Case3 LBS ($25.00)
DU-PVC-380-121412 1/2x14 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.12 1/2"x14"1002501 Case7 LBS ($36.85)
DU-PVC-380-1418A14x18 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.14"x18"1001001 Case3.5 LBS ($34.50)
DU-PVC-380-141814x18 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.14"x18"1002501 Case8 LBS ($71.87)
DU-PVC-380-1618A16x18 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.16"x18"1001001 Case4 LBS ($35.15)
DU-PVC-380-161816x18 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.16"x18"1002501 Case9 LBS ($60.00)
DU-PVC-380-1622A16x22 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.16"x22"1001001 Case4.25 LBS ($39.67)
DU-PVC-380-162216x22 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.16"x22"1002501 Case9.5 LBS ($79.70)
DU-PVC-380-1820A18x20 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.18"x20"1001001 Case4.5 LBS ($38.20)
DU-PVC-380-182018x20 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.18"x20"1002501 Case11 LBS ($72.90)
DU-PVC-380-182218x22 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.18"x22"1001001 Case4.75 LBS ($42.40)
DU-PVC-380-1824A18x24 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.18"x24"1001001 Case5 LBS ($42.75)
DU-PVC-380-201820x18 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.20"x18"1001001 Case5 LBS ($32.55)
DU-PVC-380-202220x22 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.20"x22"1001001 Case5.25 LBS ($35.50)
DU-PVC-380-222222x22 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.22"x22"1001001 Case5.25 LBS ($40.30)
DU-PVC-380-222422x24 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.22"x24"1001001 Case5.5 LBS ($44.50)
DU-PVC-380-241824x18 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.24"x18"1001001 Case5.25 LBS ($45.25)
DU-PVC-380-242424x24 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.24"x24"1001001 Case5.75 LBS ($48.17)
DU-PVC-380-243024x30 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.24"x30"1001001 Case6 LBS ($57.10)
DU-PVC-380-243624x36 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.24"x36"1001001 Case6.25 LBS ($73.72)
DU-PVC-380-262426x24 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.26"x24"1001001 Case5.75 LBS ($53.50)
DU-PVC-380-262826x28 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.26"x28"1001001 Case6.25 LBS ($59.20)
DU-PVC-380-282428x24 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.28"x24"1001001 Case6.5 LBS ($54.75)
DU-PVC-380-282828x28 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.28"x28"1001001 Case6.25 LBS ($62.05)
DU-PVC-380-284028x40 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.28"x40"1001001 Case7.25 LBS ($72.25)
DU-PVC-380-323032x30 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.32"x30"1001001 Case7 LBS ($102.60)
DU-PVC-380-324032x40 Shrink Wrap Bags 100 Ga.32"x40"1001001 Case7.5 LBS ($135.05)

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