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What Type of Barrier Bag Do You Need?

Barrier bags stop the movement of gases, water vapor, smell, and light. The world packaging org. states that resealable barrier bags have proven to reduce global food waste dramatically.

Barrier bags are made from many different materials. Barrier packaging materials are coextruded to lower oxygen exposure while in the container. The materials used to create the bag help to determine the Oxygen Transmission Rate. Foil, for example, offers some of the best barriers available when considering a custom barrier bag.

Below are brief explanations of barrier bag options. The last section mentions additional options for custom barrier bags, such as; hanger holes, re-closable options, and more!

Nylon/Poly Coextruded Barrier Bags

Clear Coex Barrier Bags

Coextruded bags are affordable and some of the most utilized materials in barrier bag production. Coextruded bags often have an OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) between 2 – 5 cc. Compared, a stretch film for wrapping pallets has an OTR of 450 -500 cc. The thicker the coextruded bag, the lower OTR.

When considering Oxygen transmission, the lower the number, the better. The nylon/poly combination is a cost-effective way for companies to increase product shelf life tenfold or more. The use of a gas flush will help further increase preservation times. Most stock 3 and 4 mil vacuum bags are made from a coextruded Nylon/poly. Custom sizes can be made upon request with low minimums.

Nylon/Poly Coextruded Opaque Barrier Bags

Opaque Coextruded Barrier Bags

The same materials as the clear barrier bags with opaque color help block exterior light. The most common colors used are black or white. Many dairy products are sensitive to light and oxygen. An opaque bag is perfect for increasing shelf life and reducing food waste.

Stock black vacuum bags or other barrier bags can be difficult to find. Most opaque bags are custom made with optional printing available. A variety of sizes and gusset options are available.

Nylon/EVOH Coextruded Barrier Bags

Clear Coex with EVOH Barrier Bags

Using EVOH (Ethelene Vinyl Alcohol) coextruded with nylon or as a laminate will reduce transmission rates and increase storage times. The use of EVOH is common when products are acidic or high in oil. content.

Adding the EVOH can reduce the oxygen transmission rate to as low as .02, depending on the material thickness. This lowered transmission is perfect for nuts, dried fruit, metal parts, and other products.

Custom bags are available in widths up to 48 inches. We also offer opaque black and white coextruded bags. Most minimums begin at ten thousand bags, depending on size.

Foil + PET/LLDPE Barrier Bags Clear Front

Clear Barrier Bag with Foil Backing

The introduction of a foil backing helps to reduce the permeability of the bag. The combination bags often have a clear front to display products with a foil backing. The foil backing can be found in many different colors. The most common colors are gold and silver. Many other colors are used with a foil layer for reduced OTR.

The clear front is the most permeable part of a foil combination bag. In addition, the clear front allows direct light to discolor products. They are preferred for anyone wanting increased barriers while still displaying products. A much lower OTR can be obtained than with standard Nylon/Poly coextruded bags.

Foil + PET/LLDPE Barrier Bags

Silver Foil Barrier Bags

Standard foil bags are often used in coffee packaging, dairy packaging, cannabis packaging, and more. The all-foil enclosure conceals the product from exterior lighting and provides some of the highest oxygen barriers. The move to a foil bag provides much higher barrier properties than bags with a clear front.

All foil barrier bags are readily available for custom runs in silver, gold, black, and white. Foil bags are capable of .0006 OTR.

Additional Bag Options

Additional barrier bag options

Printing – Printing is always something that should be considered. It does increase the cost of the bag, but it also increases its presence. We offer quick turnarounds for printed work. All printing is done domestically in the United States.

Hanger Holes – Adding hanger holes to a custom barrier bag is a valuable feature to consider. Hanger holes offer more display options for retail sales.

Re-closable Seal – Using a re-closable seal is an excellent way for customers to preserve food after the initial opening. The ability to reclose a barrier bag will help reduce food waste and increase product satisfaction.

Childproof Re-closable Seal – A childproof re-closable seal keeps children out of medication or chemicals. The seal will not open unless a hidden lip is pulled to release the seal. The bag pictured above has a printed childproof seal.


Very few of the bags mentioned are stock bags. They are custom bags and only a tiny sample of the custom varieties are available. All custom bags will require a minimum of at least ten thousand bags. Many are available with fast turnarounds. Call 1-800-441-5090 or fill out our quote form to request information today.


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