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We Fix Amazon Seller Packaging Mistakes

Packaging mistakes happen, but they can be overcome. Selling Amazon FBA can pose problems at times due to specific guidelines sellers have to follow. Amazon packaging guidelines allow products to be returned or refused if not followed properly. The purpose of the guidelines is for products not to show up to the customer leaking, damaged, or busted.

Damaged Amazon Products


We offer a full line of machines and materials to assist in properly packaging products for Amazon fulfillment. Our sales team is familiar with helping sellers prepare products for Amazon fulfillment. We offer sellers the ability to send products in for testing to ensure the recommended materials and machines will offer the desired end look for the products.


We also offer a full line of services to assist with rejected and returned packaging. Packaging mishaps happen all the time, we can assist with those mistakes that may have come directly from the factory. Big factory mistakes that were not realized until shipped. Many FBA sellers ship directly from international factories to fulfillment centers. Items can be missed in quality control and sent without knowledge.

We have helped several sellers fix mistakes large and small. The primary way we can help Amazon sellers with mistakes is adding or removing items from a listed product and shrink wrapping the finished product to be re-sold as new. Pricing can vary based on the specifics of the job. Some jobs we commonly handle are listed below.

1. Shrink Wrapping for Amazon Fulfillment – This is our primary contract packaging business. Sellers send products to us prior to shipping to fulfillment centers and we shrink wrap and case pack products for delivery to fulfillment centers.

shrink wrapping for amazon fulfillment

2. Shrink Wrapping Products Rejected from Amazon – Amazon will reject products due to the wrong packaging. If products are sent to the fulfillment center in the wrong packaging, Amazon can refuse the products. We can ensure products are packaged correctly for approval from Amazon.

Amazon Packaging Rules

3. Repackaging Factory Mistakes – Mistakes can happen at the factory causing product nightmares. One item left out of a product package can lead to upset customers and logistical nightmares. We offer the ability for sellers to send the product to us for unpackaging and repackaging. We can insert the missing products inside of the product package and repackage it to look new.

Factory Mistakes

There is a whole list of other services we offer to assist with Amazon seller mistakes. We encourage anyone facing Amazon FBA packaging problems to call 1-800-441-5090 to discuss what is going on. There are times we cannot help, but we will still try to offer recommendations if we are unable to provide the service ourselves.


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