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Shrink Wrap Machine Testing

Shrink Wrap Machine Testing

Prior to purchasing a new machine, many customers are understandably concerned about the machine working with their products. Something we have offered to our customers for years is the ability to test out the right shrink wrap machine with a specific product.

Our in-house testing offers peace of mind to customers prior to purchase. It allows us to run a specific product through a demo machine to ensure the product will work with the machine and not additional add-ons are needed. The ability to run in-house testing allows us to test the shrink wrap machine, the product being wrapped, and the proper shrink film.

How it Works

Step 1 Visit our contact us page. Call or email us and let us know what machine you are interested in and what you are trying to accomplish with shrink wrapping. Our sales staff will ask any additional questions if needed.

Step 2 Send products to the main address (4781 Hwy 319) on our contact us page. Be sure to type and print detailed instructions for shrinking and possible examples of the desired look. If we are to run samples with a specific shrink film, band, or tubing be sure to include plenty of it within the package.

Step 3 Upon arrival our team will run products in our demo room to determine the best machine for the product and application. We can also determine the best settings for the machine based on the product and film being used.

Step 4 Our team can take pictures or video of the product running through the machine and send them via email. We can also return the products back with a return label or UPS account number.


Assurance the right shrink wrap machine is being purchased

Examples of different shrink film to use

Baseline settings for the machine upon arrival

Please be sure to call or email us prior to sending samples to run. We have several coming in throughout the week and being able to address the sample to a member of the sales staff helps to ensure the right testing is being done as discussed via phone or email.


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