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American Made Shrink Machines and Tunnels

Updated 2019

Quality American made products are getting harder and harder to find. We are happy to have a continued relationship with HeatSealco. Heat seal offers American made shrink wrapping machines designed and built-in Cleveland Ohio.

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. will be offering stock products and made-to-order products online. Heat seal specializes in a variety of sealers, tunnels, and combo shrink wrapping units. This article is to show a brief offering of the products we will be stocking and products that will be available as made-to-order items.

Shrink Tunnels

T2016 Shrink TunnelThe T2016 shrink tunnel T2016 American Made Shrink Tunnelis a space-saving tunnel built as a tabletop unit with an optional leg kit available. A perfect tunnel for increasing production efficiency at an affordable cost. The American made T2016 is a regular stock item that can often ship within 24 hours of completed purchase.

T2615 Shrink Tunnel - The T2615 shrink tunnel features a 15-inch wide opening and an 8-inch chamber height. It is an excellent machine for longer products and faster wrapping efficiency. The sister model 2622 tunnel is also available with a 22 inch wide opening for even larger products.

T4822 American Made Shrink TunnelT3417 Shrink Tunnel - The T3417 shrink tunnel is a long tunnel used for longer products or longer heat exposure. The T3417 features a 17 inch wide opening with a 34-inch chamber length. The sister T3422 features a 22 inch wide opening with a 10-inch tall chamber opening compared to the standard 8-inch tall tunnel opening.

T4822 Shrink Tunnel - The T4822 is the longest American made tunnel we offer with a 48-inch chamber length and a 22-inch chamber width. The standard T4822 is offered with an 8-inch tunnel height. The larger sister model T4832 comes with a 32-inch wide tunnel opening and a 12 inch chamber height.

Shrink Combo Systems

HS-HSE100The HSE100 shrink combo system isAmerican Made Shrink Combo System available in tabletop or stand-alone models. The large 16"x20" L-bar sealer accommodates a wide range of products. The HSE100 features a magnetic hold down, adjustable film separator, easy load film rack, adjustable conveyor controls and more! All HSE combo models are ready to ship within 5 days of a completed order! Additional options include stainless steel work area and film separator.

HS-HDX250The HDX250 shrink wrapping combo system is a luxury shrink wrapping system built for all-day shrink wrapping applications. The HDX250 features hot knife sealing HDX250 American Made Shrink Combo Systemtechnology to last hundreds of thousands of seals before needing to be changed. The stand-alone system features a robust digital control panel capable of multiple different settings to accommodate different product sizes and film thicknesses. 

HS-HDX350The HDX350 is a large shrink wrapping system built for heavy duty shrink wrapping applications. The large 25"x21" sealing area can accommodate large and small products. All standard models feature magnetic hold down, takeaway conveyor, digital controls, cycle counter, hot knife sealing blade and more!

All shrink tunnels and shrink wrapping combo units are available with a wide range of options depending on production needs. Call our sales staff at 1-800-441-5090 or shop online at uspackagingandwrapping.com!


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