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Anti Static Ziplock Bags

$38.45 - $284.35

Anti static ziplock bags protect products from electrostatic discharge. Products can be easily enclosed with the quick zip closure. Anti static ziplock bags are available in a 4 MIL thickness up to 13 inches wide. View our heat sealable lay flat anti-static bags for sealable options.

All anti static ziplock bags meet ESD Association requirements and Military Spec. requirements, See below for details.

Key Features:

*Made From Virgin Low-Density Polyethylene

*Anti-Static Additive

*Printing Available

*Bottom Seal Construction

*Mil Spec MIL-PRF-81705E Approved

*Reclosable Sealing Zipper

MIL-PRF-81705E- This specification establishes the requirements for heat-sealable, electrostatic discharge protective, flexible barrier materials used for the military packaging of microcircuits, sensitive semiconductor devices, sensitive resistors, and associated higher assemblies. In addition, the type I materials provide water vapor proof protection and attenuation of electromagnetic interference effects.

View all anti static bags online in our anti static packaging section.


Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductWxLThicknessQty./CaseWeightPriceSale PriceQty
LD-40222.5x3 Anti Static Ziplock Bags2.5"x 3"4 MIL10004 LBS $38.45N/A
LD-40253X5 Anti Static Ziplock Bags3"X 5"4 MIL10006 LBS $59.02N/A
LD-40304X6 Anti Static Ziplock Bags 4"X 6"4 MIL10009 LBS $68.99N/A
LD-40356X8 Anti Static Ziplock Bags6"X 8"4 MIL100017 LBS $155.49N/A
LD-40408X10 Anti Static Ziplock Bags 8"X 10"4 MIL100027 LBS $215.23N/A
LD-40459X12 Anti Static Ziplock Bags 9"X 12"4 MIL100035 LBS $284.35N/A
LD-405012X12 Anti Static Ziplock Bags 12"X 12"4 MIL50023 LBS $178.19N/A
LD-405513X18 Anti Static Ziplock Bags13"X 18"4 MIL50036 LBS $281.50N/A

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