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3 Mil Vacuum Tubing

$72.19 - $180.72

Vacuum tubing is an excellent choice for vacuum packaging different product sizes both consumable and non-consumable. The tubing allows users to cut desired lengths as needed.

FDA approved 3 Mil vacuum tubing is BPA free and ideal for direct food contact. Grocery stores, butchers, manufacturers, and more use vacuum tubing to create vacuum bags as needed.

Poly/nylon vacuum tubing provides excellent clarity with strong durable seals. Users should use a minimum of ¼” wide seal when sealing open tubing ends. Heavier products and liquids can require thicker seals to ensure an airtight vacuum.

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SKUProductW x LThicknessUnitQty./CaseWeightPriceSale PriceQty
SS-VT-8-300-5008"x500' Vacuum Tubing8"x500'3 MilRoll1 Roll12 LBS $72.19N/A
SS-VT-10-300-50010"x500' Vacuum Tubing10"x500'3 MilRoll1 Roll15 LBS $90.32N/A
SS-VT-12-300-50012"x500' Vacuum Tubing12"x500'3 MilRoll1 Roll17 LBS $108.33N/A
SS-VT-16-300-50016"x500' Vacuum Tubing16"x500'3 MilRoll1 Roll22 LBS $144.48N/A
SS-VT-18-300-50018"x500' Vacuum Tubing18"x500'3 MilRoll1 Roll25 LBS $163.00N/A
SS-VT-20-300-50020"x500' Vacuum Tubing20"x500'3 MilRoll1 Roll30 LBS $180.72N/A

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