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24" Corrugated Boxes

$20.97 - $95.73
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Corrugated boxes ranging in size from 24"x4"x4" boxes all the way up to 24"x24"x48" tall corrugated boxes. All 24 inch corrugated boxes are made from 200# kraft corrugated.


Our 24 inch corrugated boxes are all shipped flat to help save on storage space and shipping costs. They are sold in bundle and bale quantities. Check out the list below for details on all of our 24 inch corrugated boxes.

Box images are not representative of all boxes listed in the chart below. Due to a large number of boxes available, not all box images can be loaded.


Boxes in the chart below measured in the following order: Length x Width x Depth

Call or email us for shipping quotes!

Product Details:
SKUProductBundle/BaleBoxes Per OrderWeightPriceSale PriceQty
BP-24101024x10x10 Long Corrugated Boxes22/2502230.8 LBS $44.57N/A
BP-2410424x10x4 Corrugated Boxes22/2502222 LBS $32.03N/A
BP-2410624x10x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2502225 LBS $36.15N/A
BP-2410824x10x8 Long Corrugated Boxes22/2502227.8 LBS $40.81N/A
BP-24121024x12x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2502235.75 LBS $51.34N/A
BP-24121224x12x12 Long Corrugated Boxes22/2402231 LBS $45.30N/A
BP-24122424x12x24 Corrugated Boxes11/1201123 LBS $33.69N/A
BP-2412424x12x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/3752222 LBS $37.72N/A
BP-2412624x12x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2402223.6 LBS $34.04N/A
BP-2412824x12x8 Corrugated Boxes22/2502232.5 LBS $46.97N/A
BP-24141024x14x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2402232.8 LBS $48.15N/A
BP-24141224x14x12 Corrugated Boxes22/2402236.4 LBS $51.34N/A
BP-24141424x14x14 Corrugated Boxes11/1501128.6 LBS $42.02N/A
BP-24141824x14x18 Corrugated Boxes11/1201121.7 LBS $31.48N/A
BP-2414424x14x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2502231 LBS $44.86N/A
BP-2414624x14x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2502234.2 LBS $50.34N/A
BP-2414824x14x8 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2402230.2 LBS $43.57N/A
BP-24151024x15x10 Corrugated Boxes22/2402235 LBS $50.99N/A
BP-24151224x15x12 Corrugated Boxes22/1202231.6 LBS $55.19N/A
BP-24151524x15x15 Corrugated Boxes22/1202235 LBS $61.22N/A
BP-24161024x16x10 Corrugated Boxes11/1201128 LBS $41.01N/A
BP-24161224x16x12 Corrugated Boxes11/1201120 LBS $29.02N/A
BP-24161424x16x14 Corrugated Boxes11/1501132 LBS $47.23N/A
BP-24161624x16x16 Corrugated Boxes11/1201123.5 LBS $33.31N/A
BP-24162424x16x24 Corrugated Boxes11/1501128.5 LBS $41.46N/A
BP-2416424x16x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2502236.3 LBS $52.53N/A
BP-2416624x16x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2402232 LBS $46.12N/A
BP-2416824x16x8 Corrugated Boxes22/2402234 LBS $49.89N/A
BP-24171224x17x12 Corrugated Boxes11/1501126.7 LBS $46.69N/A
BP-24171524x17x15 Corrugated Boxes11/1501135 LBS $51.06N/A
BP-24181024x18x10 Corrugated Boxes11/1201121 LBS $30.58N/A
BP-24181224x18x12 Corrugated Boxes11/1201122.5 LBS $33.05N/A
BP-24181424x18x14 Corrugated Boxes11/1201136 LBS $51.99N/A
BP-24181624x18x16 Corrugated Boxes11/1201138 LBS $56.20N/A
BP-24181824x18x18 Corrugated Boxes11/1201127 LBS $38.91N/A
BP-24182024x18x20 Corrugated Boxes11/1501135.6 LBS $62.24N/A
BP-24182424x18x24 Corrugated Boxes11/1201131.3 LBS $45.30N/A
BP-2418424x18x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2402233.2 LBS $48.80N/A
BP-2418624x18x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2402236.2 LBS $52.36N/A
BP-2418824x18x8 Corrugated Boxes22/2402239 LBS $56.92N/A
BP-24201024x20x10 Corrugated Boxes11/1201123.5 LBS $34.32N/A
BP-24201224x20x12 Corrugated Boxes11/1201125.8 LBS $36.62N/A
BP-24201424x20x14 Corrugated Boxes11/1201126.6 LBS $38.53N/A
BP-24201624x20x16 Corrugated Boxes11/1201128 LBS $41.01N/A
BP-24201824x20x18 Corrugated Boxes11/1201130 LBS $43.20N/A
BP-24202024x20x20 Corrugated Boxes11/1201132 LBS $45.21N/A
BP-2420424x20x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes22/2402231.7 LBS $55.82N/A
BP-2420624x20x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes11/2401120.5 LBS $30.01N/A
BP-2420824x20x8 Corrugated Boxes22/1402237 LBS $63.61N/A
BP-24241024x24x10 Corrugated Boxes11/1201129 LBS $41.75N/A
BP-24241224x24x12 Corrugated Boxes11/1201130 LBS $44.48N/A
BP-24241424x24x14 Corrugated Boxes11/1201132.2 LBS $46.85N/A
BP-24241624x24x16 Corrugated Boxes11/1201135 LBS $49.42N/A
BP-24241824x24x18 Corrugated Boxes11/1201135.6 LBS $51.44N/A
BP-24242024x24x20 Corrugated Boxes11/1201137.3 LBS $54.01N/A
BP-24242424x24x24 Corrugated Boxes11/1201140 LBS $58.30N/A
BP-24243024x24x30 Corrugated Boxes11/1201145.6 LBS $71.94N/A
BP-24243624x24x36 Corrugated BoxesMMy-905525.3 LBS $40.00N/A
BP-2424424x24x4 Flat Corrugated Boxes11/2401124 LBS $36.42N/A
BP-24244824x24x48 Corrugated Boxes11/1201161 LBS $95.73N/A
BP-2424624x24x6 Flat Corrugated Boxes11/1201125.5 LBS $36.98N/A
BP-2424724x24x7 Flat Corrugated Boxes11/1201126.4 LBS $38.71N/A
BP-2424824x24x8 Flat Corrugated Boxes11/1201127 LBS $39.36N/A
BP-2424924x24x9 Corrugated Boxes11/1201128 LBS $41.18N/A
BP-244424x4x4 Long Corrugated Boxes22/5002211 LBS $20.97N/A
BP-246424x6x4 Long Corrugated Boxes22/5002211.8 LBS $29.56N/A
BP-246624x6x6 Long Corrugated Boxes22/5002217 LBS $26.36N/A
BP-246824x6x8 Corrugated Boxes22/3752219 LBS $28.36N/A
BP-248624x8x6 Corrugated Boxes22/3752220.6 LBS $30.01N/A
BP-248824x8x8 Long Corrugated Boxes22/3752223.4 LBS $34.15N/A
BP-249624x9x6 Corrugated Boxes22/2502222.7 LBS $33.12N/A
BP-249924x9x9 Corrugated Boxes22/2502227 LBS $39.36N/A

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