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Used Shrink Wrap Machines

Used shrink wrap machines for sale randomly online can be a risky endeavor. All of our previously used sealers and shrink tunnels have been tested with parts on hand if needed. Many used machines qualify for standard manufacturer warranties.

Used Shrink Tunnel 1606-20 Shrink Chamber
Used Shrink Tunnel 1606-20

Used TL-1606-20 (220V)

Item #1063


Used Shrink Tunnel Scratch
24 Inch I bar System Used
Used 24 inch I bar Sealer

Used 24" I Bar Sealer Only

Item #1008


24 inch used i bar sealer
18 Inch I Bar sealer with film bottom Item 1003
32 Inch I Bar Sys

Used 32" I bar Sealer w/30" PVC 500 ft + Heat Gun

Item #1058


32 Inch I Bar System Item Number 1058
Used 2432 L Bar Sealer Seal Area
Used 2432 L Bar Sealer

Used 24"x32" L-Bar Sealer (110V)

Item #1060

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Used 2432 L Bar Sealer Film Rack
3 ft Belted Infeed Conveyor Demo
Demo 3 ft. Infeed Conveyors

3 Ft. Belted Infeed (220V)

Item #1061

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Demo 3 ft Belted Infeed Controls
180 Degree Gravity Conveyor Top View
180 Degree Gravity Conveyor

180 Degree Gravity Conveyor

Item #1062

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180 Degree Gravity Conveyor Scratched Leg

Used shrink wrap machines can come in many different brands, styles, and sizes. The used machines we sell are only machines we carry, have parts on hand, and working in a proper operational manner for resale. Many of the machines are used in our demo room to run samples and demonstrations. Other machines have minor dents or scratches from rough handling and transport. All of the used machines we sell are in normal working order when they leave our warehouse. 

What you can expect in a used shrink wrap machine from U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.

1. Normal Working condition

2. New and replaced wearable parts

3. Machines free from manufacturer's defects

4. Parts and assistance always available

5. In-house testing and trial runs on the machine of choice

Scratches & Dents on Machines

The scratches and dents are why we sell many machines as used. Many of the machines we sell as used have minor cosmetic issues. Those cosmetic issues keep us from selling the machines as new, though they have never been used.

Many of the other used machines we offer have been used in-house for demos and packaging runs. Demo machines are not constantly running. They run when needed and stay covered when not in use.

Original packaging is rarely available on used machines. We package all of our used machines in secure packaging to protect during transit. Instructions are sent with each machine sold.

Below are a few images of dents and scratches you may see on a used shrink wrap machine from U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.

Dented shrink tunnel    Dented Shrink Machine  Scratched Conveyor


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