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Shrink Wrap Machine Troubleshooting

Shrink wrap machine troubleshooting can be difficult to offer without knowing the brand of the machine or model. For this article, we will be talking about a shrink wrap machine used to seal and heat shrink film. Below are some basic troubleshooting ideas for determining where a problem may be originating from. Hopefully, these ideas will help in finding a solution to your problems.

I Bar Sealer Troubleshooting

I bar Sealer

I-Bar sealers are 110v/115 volt machine with one sealing bar.

Issue Recommended Checks
Light Does Not Turn On When Sealing Bar is Closed Be sure the power cord is fully plugged into the machine - Check if infeed power is turned on - Listen for clicking when the sealing bar closes if the sealing bar does not click, see below
Light Does Not Turn On When Sealing Bar is Closed, No Clicking is Heard when seal bar is closed Remove the cover containing the wiring harness and ensure the contactor is making a connection with the microswitch - Gently bend the contactor back in place to make a connection
Light Does Not Turn On When Sealing Bar is Closed, Clicking is Heard When Seal Bar is Closed Check for a blown fuse - Open the internal cover and check for loose wires
Light Turns On But Seal is Not Made Sealing wire is burnt out - Post set malfunctioning - Improper connection between sealing wire and post.
Shrink Film Sticks to the sealing bar after a seal is made Check for residue build on sealing tape, replace sealing tape if a residue is found - Teflon tape may be burned through exposing sealing wire for build-up.
Light comes on when the seal bar is closed, but a full seal is not made Slowly increase heat settings until a seal is made - Keep the seal bar down after the light turns off and pull the excess film from the seal bar - If the first two suggestions do not help to obtain a full seal a new sealing wire may be required - If a new sealing wire does not obtain a complete seal a new post set where the wire attaches may be needed
Sparking occurs when the sealing bar is closed Lower Teflon tape under the seal wire is not properly installed - Faulty post set - Wire grounding out leading to post set

Each manufacturer will have terminology for machine parts. The tips listed are general tips that may not apply to all I bar sealers. We recommend calling the company you purchased the machine from for troubleshooting assistance.

L Bar Sealer Troubleshooting

L Bar Sealer

L bar sealers are no different, like anything made by different manufacturers, parts and terms will be different. The L bar troubleshooting tips below are for sealers with a wire or micro knife sealer. The suggestions will not be accurate for auto or semi-auto L bar sealers with a hot knife.

Issue Recommended Checks
The seal bar does not heat when closed, magnets do not engage when closed, light does not turn on Check input power for proper voltage - Look for a blown fuse - Check continuity at the transformer(s)
The seal bar does not heat when closed Be sure heat timer is not set to 0 - Inspect the wire or seal knife for heavy residue build-up and cracks or breaks - Check for a blown fuse - Check for adjustment knobs or loose wires near each end where the wire or knife is held in place - Use an ohmmeter and look for a blown contactor or relay by checking continuity.
One side of the L bar does not seal properly Check for residue build-up near the problem area - Be sure the corner block or corner where two wires come together is connected properly - Check the post where the wire connects on the side closest to the problem side for loose wires or improper seal wire connection.
Both sides of the L bar do not seal properly Improper heat and timer settings - Film not loose enough when seal bar closes - Check for residue build-up on the sealing area and replace the sealing element - Check seal pad opposite the sealing element on the bar to be Teflon tape and pad are properly working - If using a magnet hold down, be sure the magnets are adjusted, pulling the seal bar down enough to make full contact
The film will not properly unwind without tearing Be sure film is threaded properly - Check for tension adjustment knob and loosen if possible - Be sure perforators properly rotate while the film is being pulled through - Inspect perforators for malfunction or need for improper alignment if applicable

Shrink Tunnel Troubleshooting

Shrink Tunnel

Shrink tunnels are the most difficult to vaguely troubleshoot without a brand make or model. With the many different styles, sizes, and power combinations, it is nearly impossible to know the possible issue. We recommend contacting the company you purchased the machine from or buying a machine from a company that can assist when things go awry.

Issue Recommended Checks
Power Does Not Turn On Check the incoming power supply to be sure the correct voltage is being supplied to the machine - Look for breaker on the machine and turn to on position - check fuses - Check voltage at main transformer
Power Turns On, Conveyor Does Not Work Be sure conveyor speed is not set to 0 - Inspect the interior of the tunnel once cool for no foreign objects lodged into the tunnel - Be sure chain is not off the roller sprockets - Check fuses - Look for loose wires close to the heater coil - Ensure all wires are connecting to the conveyor speed control board and check the board itself for continuity
Power Turns On, Tunnel Does Not Heat Check tunnel heat settings to be sure the tunnel temp is turned up - Be sure power infeed is supply correct voltage - Check fuses - Check relay or contactor to the motor for malfunctioning with ohm meter - Manually check wires around the heating coil to be sure none are loose - Be sure the blower motor has continuity and does not need to be replaced
Power Turns On, Blower Motor Does Not Blow Heat Check fuses - With an ohmmeter check the relay leading to the blower motor - Tighten all wires around the blower motor - Check for continuity through the blower motor

These are all broad suggestions based on the machines we sell. There is no way to tell for sure what will be wrong with each shrink wrap machine. Most all machines will need a voltage meter to test the machine for continuity.

We recommend contacting the company you purchased the machine from. They should be able to assist you with troubleshooting for that machine. If you are having issues and considering purchasing a new heat shrink wrap machine, we'd love to help. Phone support is available to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose any problems that may arise.


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