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3 Mil Vacuum Bags

$52.04 - $183.34
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Cases

3 Mil vacuum bags are considered a standard strength vacuum bag capable of handling most vacuum packaging applications. These 3 mil vacuum bags are strong poly-nylon bags made to increase shelf life and protect products.

All 3 mil vacuum bags are FDA approved and ideal for food and non-food applications. These bags will not work with self-contained vacuum sealers using a built-in compressor. We offer quotes on orders of 5 or more cases in mixed or the same size. Click on the quote button below to request a quote or call us at 1-800-441-5090.

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SKUProductW x LThicknessQty./CaseUnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
SS-VB3-0507-10005x7 Vacuum Bags5"x7"3 MIL10001 Cs8 LBS $52.04N/A
SS-VB3-0608-10006x8 Vacuum Bags6"x8"3 MIL10001 Cs10 LBS $62.48N/A
SS-VB3-0610-10006x10 Vacuum Bags6"x10"3 MIL10001 Cs14 LBS $72.91N/A
SS-VB3-0612-10006x12 Vacuum Bags6"x12"3 MIL10001 Cs18 LBS $83.34N/A
SS-VB3-0615-10006x15 Vacuum Bags6"x15"3 MIL10001 Cs22 LBS $95.79N/A
SS-VB3-0709-10007x9 Vacuum Bags7"x9"3 MIL10001 Cs17 LBS $75.02N/A
SS-VB3-0711-10007x11 Vacuum Bags7"x11"3 MIL10001 Cs19 LBS $87.45N/A
SS-VB3-0810-10008x10 Vacuum Bags8"x10"3 MIL10001 Cs19 LBS $89.55N/A
SS-VB3-0812-10008x12 Vacuum Bags8"x12"3 MIL10001 Cs22 LBS $102.11N/A
SS-VB3-0815-10008x15 Vacuum Bags8"x15"3 MIL10001 Cs31 LBS $122.88N/A
SS-VB3-1012-100010x12 Vacuum Bags10"x12"3 MIL10001 Cs28 LBS $126.94N/A
SS-VB3-1015-100010x15 Vacuum Bags10"x15"3 MIL10001 Cs35 LBS $147.86N/A
SS-VB3-1022-50010x22 Vacuum Bags10"x22"3 MIL5001 Cs26 LBS $114.62N/A
SS-VB3-1212-100012x12 Vacuum Bags12"x12"3 MIL10001 Cs33 LBS $143.73N/A
SS-VB3-1214-100012x14 Vacuum Bags12"x14"3 MIL10001 Cs38 LBS $144.21N/A
SS-VB3-1216-100012x16 Vacuum Bags12"x16"3 MIL10001 Cs43 LBS $183.34N/A
SS-VB3-1218-50012x18 Vacuum Bags12"x18"3 MIL5001 Cs26 LBS $112.53N/A
SS-VB3-1416-50014x16 Vacuum Bags14"x16"3 MIL5001 Cs27 LBS $116.65N/A
SS-VB3-1420-50014x20 Vacuum Bags14"x20"3 MIL5001 Cs33 LBS $139.61N/A
SS-VB3-1620-50016x20 Vacuum Bags16"x20"3 MIL5001 Cs35 LBS $156.26N/A
SS-VB3-1624-50016x24 Vacuum Bags16"x24"3 MIL5001 Cs45 LBS $183.34N/A
SS-VB3-1828-25018x28 Vacuum Bags18"x28"3 MIL2501 Cs29 LBS$127.07$89.75
SS-VB3-2028-25020x28 Vacuum Bags20"x28"3 MIL2501 Cs33 LBS$139.61$101.65
SS-VB3-2234-25022x34 Vacuum Bags22"X34"3 MIL2501 Cs42 LBS$179.15$129.84
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