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Regular Duty Clear Trash Bags

$31.29 - $64.68

Clear linear low-density polyethylene trash bags are a great value for home, industrial, or commercial use. Made from the highest quality raw materials available to ensure consistent quality and strength. A variety of sizes to be used in home and work. Great for dry lightweight goods under 30 lbs. Heavy duty trash bags are better for wet or heavy loads.


* Star Sealed Bottom

* Load Max 30 Lbs

* Case Packed

* Recyclable

* Thickness of .55 Mi

Visit our trash bag reference library to learn more information about our trash bags and which ones will work best for your application.

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Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductSizeCapacityThicknessQty./UnitWeightPriceSale PriceQty
IP-CL-RDC-202120x2120"X21"7 Gallons.35 Mil1000/Case13.6 LBS $34.84N/A
IP-CL-RDC-242324x2324"x23"8-10 Gallons.35Mil1000/Case18 LBS $46.20N/A
IP-CL-RDC-243224x3224"x32"12-16 Gallons.35Mil1000/Case19 LBS $63.98N/A
IP-CL-RDC-3036H30x3630"x36"20-30 Gallons.7 Mil250/Case13.2 LBS $38.39N/A
IP-CL-RDC-333933x3933"x39"33 Gallons.5 Mil250/Case11.7 LBS $35.55N/A
IP-CL-RDC-365836x5836"x58"55 Gallons.7 Mil200/Case19.6 LBS $64.68N/A
IP-CL-RDC-385838x5838"x58"60 Gallons.55Mil200/Case16.2 LBS $54.04N/A
IP-CL-RDC-4046H40x4640"x46"40-45 Gallons.5 Mil250/Case16.9 LBS $35.55N/A
IP-CL-RDC-434743x3743"x47"56 Gallons.7Mil100/Case9.9 LBS $31.29N/A

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