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Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film (3" Core)

$70.10 - $157.04
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Pre-stretch bundling film offers many advantages over traditional stretch film. The primary benefits of pre-stretched film are equal or increased load stability with less film used and exertion needed during application. That equals lower packaging costs.

Standard 80 gauge rolls are stretched ninety percent during production and placed onto a three-inch core. The result is less tension needed when applying the material. Users can effortlessly wrap, secure, and bundle products.

Other benefits include:

*Less energy needed to apply

*Lighter Rolls

*Consistent wrapping tension

*Reduce film Waste

Please visit our stretch film reference library to learn more about pre-stretched bundling stretch film and why a specific thickness is not specified on any pre-stretch film products.

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SKUProductRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
WP-WXP012x1000 Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film241 Case13.5 LBS $70.10N/A
WP-WXP023x1000 Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film181 Case15 LBS $77.18N/A
WP-WXP035x1000 Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film121 Case17 LBS $88.74N/A
WP-WXP042x2000 Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film241 Case26 LBS $127.18N/A
WP-WXP053x2000 Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film181 Case30 LBS $141.75N/A
WP-WXP065x2000 Pre-Stretched Bundling Stretch Film121 Case35 LBS $157.04N/A
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