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One Step Shrink Wrap Machine


One-step shrink wrap machines feature a seal and shrink process completed with the closing of a lid. Users place products into the shrink material, then slide the product into the chamber. With the close of the lid, the magnet holds down to make a seal, after the seal, heat shrinks the material to the product.

The HSE-50 one-step machine is capable of wrapping up to 5 products per minute. The speed varies based on the product size and thickness. Thicker materials requiring more heat will take longer for seals to be made and material to be shrunk. Compared to the TL-76ST one-step shrink chamber, the HSE-50 is capable of shrinking thicker crosslinked 100 films, when the TL-76ST could not.

Easy touch digital controls make adjustments to each package easy. Capable of storing up to 10 pre-set packages, the user chooses the right pre-set for the product and begins shrink wrapping.

Each machine ships crated and ready to work after being removed from the pallet. All HSE-50 machines are single phase 220v/208v power with a 22 amp draw. See specifications and details below.

Key Features:

* Sealing Area: 15”x21”

* Maximum Product Height: 7.8”

* Maximum Product Size: 14.5”x19.5”

* Maximum Shrink Film Width: 22”

* Max Products Per Minute: 5

* Electrical Requirement: Single Phase 208/220V, 22 amp

* Weight: 232 LBS

* Working Height: 37"

* Machine Dimensions: 50" L x 32" W x 46" H

* Warranty: 1 Year - Wearable Parts


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