pvc shrink wrap rolls (500 ft)

$26.50 - $84.40
Ships Within: 24 Hours
Discounts At: 5 or More Rolls

PVC shrink wrap rolls are an excellent option for wrapping a variety of products including: 

Boxed Packages, CD's, DVD's, and any other non food products.


Centerfold PVC shrink wrap offers supreme clarity, and great strength. Unshrunk PVC shrink wrap is crinkly, after heat is applied the film becomes harder and stronger. All PVC shrink wrap rolls are on a three inch core.

Our I Bar shrink wrap systems include a free 500 ft. PVC shrink wrap roll and everything else needed to begin shrink wrapping.


Visit our shrink wrap reference library to learn more about PVC shrink wrap and identify which size will work best for your specific application.


Due to the chloride found in the PVC material, it is recommended that users have proper ventilation when sealing any PVC shrink wrap materials.


PVC Shrink Rolls Price Quote


Product Details:
SKUProductWidthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceQty
DU-PVC-355-1010X500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.10"7511 Roll5 LBS ($26.50)
DU-PVC-355-1212X500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.12"7511 Roll6 LBS ($28.50)
DU-PVC-355-1414X500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.14"7511 Roll8 LBS ($32.00)
DU-PVC-355-1616X500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.16"7511 Roll10 LBS ($38.00)
DU-PVC-355-1818X500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.18"7511 Roll10 LBS ($42.00)
DU-PVC-355-2020X500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.20"7511 Roll12 LBS ($46.35)
DU-PVC-355-2222X500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.22"7511 Roll12 LBS ($50.00)
DU-PVC-355-2424x500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.24"7511 Roll13 LBS ($55.00)
DU-PVC-355-2626x500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.26"7511 Roll14 LBS ($59.70)
DU-PVC-355-2828x500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.28"7511 Roll14 LBS ($63.70)
DU-PVC-355-3030x500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.30"7511 Roll16 LBS ($69.00)
DU-PVC-355-3232x500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.32"7511 Roll16 LBS ($74.25)
DU-PVC-355-3636x500 PVC Shrink Wrap Rls.36"7511 Roll18 LBS ($84.40)
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