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Extended Core Stretch Film

$52.24 - $154.77
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The extended core stretch film handles ensure users have a product ready for use directly out of the box—no need for special dispensers or machines. A favorite with movers, truck drivers, distribution facilities, and more because of the built-in handles.

All extended core rolls use a one-inch corrugated core to fit all hand sizes easily. The corrugated handles extend past the film five inches. All rolls are made from premium cast stretch film ranging from 70 gauge to 150 gauge. Many companies prefer extended core rolls because a twenty or thirty-inch roll is available for hand application.

Most standard hand stretch film is only offered in widths up to 18 inches. Most pallets of extended rolls come in fifty cases per pallet. Pallets ship free to a commercial address within the contiguous United States.

Extended Core Stretch Film Features:

*Premium Standard Gauged Stretch Film

*Rolls Up To 30 Inches Wide

*Built-in Handle

*Pallet Orders Ship Free

*Thicknesses Up To 150 Gauge

Please visit our stretch film reference library to find which thickness and width will work best for your application.

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Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
WP-DSW0110x1000 80Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film10"x1000'8041 Case13 LBS $52.24N/A
WP-DSW2215x1000 80 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film15"x1000'8041 Case20 LBS $78.36N/A
WP-DSW0820x1000 60 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film20"x1000'6041 Case20 LBS $92.86N/A
WP-DSW0320x1000 70 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film20"x1000'7041 Case23 LBS $93.30N/A
WP-DSW0420x1000 80 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film20"x1000'8041 Case26 LBS $99.50N/A
WP-DSW1120x700 115 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film20"x700'11541 Case26 LBS $105.21N/A
WP-DSW0620x700 120 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film20"x700'12041 Case27 LBS $109.78N/A
WP-DSW2520x600 150 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film20"x600'15041 Case29 LBS $114.25N/A
WP-DSW0730x1000 80 Ga. Extended Core Stretch Film30"x1000'8041 Case39 LBS $154.77N/A
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