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Conductive Tubing

$206.49 - $1,414.00

Black conductive tubing is an excellent way to conceal products and protect them from electrostatic discharge. Our conductive tubing is completely opaque and protects products from exterior static charges and UV light. Rolls of conductive tubing are available from 4 to 24 inches wide. See the chart below for further details. Tubing can easily be sealed to completely enclose products. View our Conductive bags for pre-cut sizes case packed.

Key Features:

*Heat Sealable

*Made From Virgin Low-Density Polyethylene

*Black Opaque

*Printing Available

*Continuous Roll For Longer Products

All conductive tubing meets the military specifications below.

MIL-P-82646- Good corrosion resistance, unaffected by age and humidity. Protection against UV light and low moisture permeability.


Select the product size and enter the quantity:
SKUProductWxLThicknessRls./CaseWeightPriceSale PriceQty
LD-57064x750 Conductive Tubing4"x750'4 MIL114 LBS $206.49N/A
LD-57086x750 Conductive Tubing 6"X750'4 MIL121 LBS $280.82N/A
LD-57098x750 Conductive Tubing 8"X750'4 MIL128 LBS $365.94N/A
LD-571010x750 Conductive Tubing 10"X750'4 MIL135 LBS $426.75N/A
LD-571112x750 Conductive Tubing 12"X750'4 MIL140 LBS $494.59N/A
LD-571214x750 Conductive Tubing 14"X750'4 MIL147 LBS $574.67N/A
LD-571624x750 Conductive Tubing 24"X750'4 MIL178 LBS $1,414.00N/A

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