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Cheese Film Sheets

$78.50 - $182.58

Cheese-savor film sheets are designed to protect and enclose cheese products. Seal and secure imported and high-end cheese with low heat pad settings. Cheez-Savor film sheets will conceal cheese odors to protect absorption in milder cheeses. The sheets also protect from oxygen to increase shelf life.

Cheese sheet rolls can be placed on perforated film dispensers for easy tear and use applications. Tightly pull the film over the cheese to enclose it. Once fully wrapped, quickly put the film on the heat pad to shrink and seal. The finished look is a crystal clear layer of protection over your cheese products.

For sizing, we recommend a maximum of half the sheet size used. For an 8-inch by 8-inch sheet, no cheese longer or wider than 4 inches should be placed in it. The Savor film needs to be fully wrapped around the cheese before shrinking.

Key Features:

*Designed for Cheese Packaging

*Minimal Heat Required

*Odor Barrier

*Moisture Barrier

*Crystal Clear

*Easy-Tear Sheets

*High Barrier


Product Details:
SKUProductSheet SizeSheets/RollLargest Cheese BlockWeightPriceSale PriceQty
TC-229-CFS8"x8" Cheese Film Sheets8"x8"1800No Side Over 4"3 LBS $78.50N/A
TC-231-CFS10"x10" Cheese Film Sheets10"x10"1400No Side Over 5"4 LBS $90.93N/A
TC-231-CFS12"x12" Cheese Film Sheets12"x12"1200No Side Over 6"5 LBS $113.55N/A
TC-271-CFS16"x16" Cheese Film Sheets16"x16"1000No Side Over 8"7 LBS $182.58N/A
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