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Bundling Stretch Film/w One Disposable Dispenser

$69.57 - $87.07

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Bundling film offers many advantages over other packaging methods. Bundling stretch film can:

  1. 1. Reduce shipping costs by bundling items.
  2. Protect shipments from various elements.
  3. Replace tape without leaving a residue.
  4. Be less expensive than tape, twine, strapping, etc.
  5. Secure loads during transit.

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. offers bundling film in 2,3,4, and 5-inch widths. We offer gauges of 70 to 120. Please view our stretch film reference library to find out which gauge thickness would be right for your application.

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SKUProductWidthxLengthGaugeRls./CaseMin. Order Qty.WeightPriceSale PriceQty
WP-SBF012x1000 80 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film2"x1000'80241 Case15.36 LBS $69.57N/A
WP-SBF772x1000 90 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film2"x1000'90241 Case17.28 LBS $77.40N/A
WP-SBF092x700 120 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film2"x700'120241 Case16.11 LBS $72.69N/A
WP-SBF083x1000 80 Ga Bundling Stretch Film3"x1000'80181 Case17.28 LBS $75.17N/A
WP-SBF023x1000 90 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film3"x1000'90181 Case19.44 LBS $81.00N/A
WP-SBF033x700 120 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film3"x700'120181 Case18.14 LBS $74.94N/A
WP-SBF193x650 135 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film3"x650'135181 Case19 LBS $78.99N/A
WP-SBF233x600 150 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film3"x600'150181 Case19.44 LBS $81.07N/A
WP-SBF044x1000 80 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film4"x1000'80121 Case15.36 LBS $73.63N/A
WP-SBF544x1000 90 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film4"x1000'90121 Case17.28 LBS $82.83N/A
WP-SBF414x700 115 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film4"x700'115121 Case16 LBS $76.56N/A
WP-SBF324x700 120 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film4"x700'120121 Case17 LBS $77.10N/A
WP-SBF714x600 150 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film4"x600'150121 Case18 LBS $82.90N/A
WP-SBF055x1000 80 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film5"x1000'80121 Case20 LBS $79.57N/A
WP-SBF075x1000 90 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film5"x1000'90121 Case22 LBS $87.07N/A
WP-SBF515x700 115 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film5"x700'115121 Case20 LBS $75.62N/A
WP-SBF065x700 120 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film5"x700'120121 Case21 LBS $80.09N/A
WP-SBF285x650 135 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film5"x650'135121 Case22 LBS $83.60N/A
WP-SBF575x600 150 Ga. Bundling Stretch Film5"x600'150121 Case22 LBS $86.00N/A
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