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Tall Boxes

$12.63 - $95.73
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Tall corrugated boxes are ideal for a variety of packaging situations. Tall corrugated boxes can often be used in place of mailing tubes, tall corrugated boxes are often used to package a variety of household items.


All of our tall corrugated boxes are shipped flat to help save on shipping costs. All boxes are made from 200# ECT Kraft corrugated sheets to help make them strong and durable. If you do not find the size of corrugated box you are looking for below, look in our corrugated boxes by size category.


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Product Details:
SKUProductBundle/BaleBoxes Per OrderWeightPriceSale PriceQty
BP-10102410x10x24 Tall Boxes22/2502231 LBS $45.03N/A
BP-10103010x10x30 Tall Boxes22/2502230.4 LBS $52.17N/A
BP-10103610x10x36 Tall Boxes22/2502242 LBS $59.86N/A
BP-10103810x10x38 Tall Boxes22/2502243.5 LBS $63.34N/A
BP-10104010x10x40 Tall Boxes22/2502245 LBS $64.98N/A
BP-10104810x10x48 Tall Boxes22/2402235 LBS $60.23N/A
BP-10106010x10x60 Tall Boxes11/2401131.8 LBS $82.11N/A
BP-12122412x12x24 Tall Boxes22/2502239 LBS $56.39N/A
BP-12123012x12x30 Tall Boxes11/2401127 LBS $39.72N/A
BP-12123612x12x36 Tall Boxes11/2401131 LBS $45.58N/A
BP-12124012x12x40 Tall Boxes11/1201133.5 LBS $48.33N/A
BP-12124812x12x48 Tall Boxes11/1201138.5 LBS $90.05N/A
BP-12126012x12x60 Tall Boxes11/1201126 LBS $48.87N/A
BP-14142414x14x24 Tall Boxes11/1501128.6 LBS $41.37N/A
BP-14143014x14x30 Tall Boxes22/1402237 LBS $63.34N/A
BP-14143614x14x36 Tall Boxes11/1501137.5 LBS $54.56N/A
BP-14144014x14x40 Tall Boxes11/1501140.5 LBS $63.16N/A
BP-14144814x14x48 Tall Boxes11/1501131 LBS $60.77N/A
BP-15153015x15x30 Tall Boxes11/1201136 LBS $53.09N/A
BP-15153615x15x36 Tall Boxes11/1501134 LBS $58.77N/A
BP-15154815x15x48 Tall Boxes11/1201133.5 LBS $53.09N/A
BP-16163616x16x36 Tall Boxes11/1201129.5 LBS $43.12N/A
BP-18183618x18x36 Tall Boxes11/1201134.5 LBS $54.36N/A
BP-20204820x20x48 Tall Boxes11/1201148 LBS $75.68N/A
BP-24244824x24x48 Tall Boxes11/1201160.7 LBS $95.73N/A
BP-44104x4x10 Tall Boxes22/1200225.5 LBS $14.91N/A
BP-44124x4x12 Tall Boxes22/1200220 LBS $12.63N/A
BP-44164x4x16 Tall Boxes22/1000220 LBS $16.30N/A
BP-44184x4x18 Tall Boxes22/500228.7 LBS $16.91N/A
BP-44204x4x20 Tall Boxes22/750229.4 LBS $23.81N/A
BP-44244x4x24 Tall Boxes22/7502211 LBS $21.33N/A
BP-44284x4x28 Tall Boxes22/5002212.5 LBS $30.85N/A
BP-44304x4x30 Tall Boxes22/5002213.3 LBS $32.96N/A
BP-44364x4x36 Tall Boxes22/5002215.5 LBS $37.80N/A
BP-44404x4x40 Tall Boxes22/5002217 LBS $43.00N/A
BP-44484x4x48 Tall Boxes22/6252220 LBS $50.15N/A
BP-44604x4x60 Tall Boxes22/5002225 LBS $48.06N/A
BP-44724x4x72 Tall Boxes11/2401129 LBS $50.79N/A
BP-4484x4x8 Tall Boxes22/1800225 LBS $13.08N/A
BP-55105x5x10 Tall Boxes22/1200227.4 LBS $14.56N/A
BP-55125x5x12 Tall Boxes22/10002210 LBS $19.04N/A
BP-55365x5x36 Tall Boxes22/5002219.5 LBS $41.56N/A
BP-66106x6x10 Tall Boxes22/1200229 LBS $16.93N/A
BP-66126x6x12 Tall Boxes22/10002210 LBS $19.04N/A
BP-66186x6x18 Tall Boxes22/5002213 LBS $24.53N/A
BP-66206x6x20 Tall Boxes22/5002212.4 LBS $27.19N/A
BP-66246x6x24 Tall Boxes22/5002217 LBS $31.12N/A
BP-66306x6x30 Tall Boxes22/2502220.3 LBS $46.58N/A
BP-66366x6x36 Tall Boxes22/2502223.5 LBS $45.76N/A
BP-66386x6x38 Tall Boxes22/3752224.5 LBS $57.39N/A
BP-66406x6x40 Tall Boxes22/3752225.8 LBS $60.23N/A
BP-66486x6x48 Tall Boxes22/3752230 LBS $59.51N/A
BP-66606x6x60 Tall Boxes11/2401122 LBS $43.57N/A
BP-66726x6x72 Tall Boxes11/2401129 LBS $50.79N/A
BP-88148x8x14 Tall Boxes22/5002216 LBS $23.81N/A
BP-88168x8x16 Tall Boxes22/5002217.8 LBS $25.64N/A
BP-88178x8x17 Tall Boxes22/5002218.5 LBS $26.92N/A
BP-88188x8x18 Tall Boxes22/5002219 LBS $28.01N/A
BP-88208x8x20 Tall Boxes22/5002220.5 LBS $30.11N/A
BP-88248x8x24 Tall Boxes22/2502223.5 LBS $33.87N/A
BP-88308x8x30 Tall Boxes22/2502228 LBS $40.09N/A
BP-88368x8x36 Tall Boxes22/2502232 LBS $60.41N/A
BP-88408x8x40 Tall Boxes22/2402235 LBS $40.46N/A
BP-88428x8x42 Tall Boxes22/2402224.5 LBS $43.70N/A
BP-88488x8x48 Tall Boxes22/2402232.8 LBS $58.95N/A
BP-88608x8x60 Tall Boxes11/3601130 LBS $58.03N/A

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