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Flat Boxes

$18.48 - $89.97
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Flat boxes are ideal corrugated boxes for a variety of shipping and storage applications. Flat boxes are great for shipping and storing books, picture frames, mirrors, clothing, and more. 


Our flat boxes are made of 200# ECT Kraft corrugated paperboard. We sell all flat boxes in bundle and bale quantities. All of our flat boxes are shipped flat to save on shipping costs. If you do not find the size of flat boxes you are looking for, check out our corrugated boxes by size.


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Product Details:
SKUProductBundle/BaleBoxes Per OrderWeightPriceSale PriceQty
BP-1111311x11x3 Flat Boxes22/5002212 LBS $26.82N/A
BP-1210312x10x3 Flat Boxes22/5002213.4 LBS $19.59N/A
BP-1210412x10x4 Flat Boxes22/7502214.8 LBS $20.60N/A
BP-1210512x10x5 Flat Boxes22/5002215.4 LBS $22.06N/A
BP-1212312x12x3 Flat Boxes22/5002216.5 LBS $24.26N/A
BP-1212412x12x4 Flat Boxes22/5002217.6 LBS $25.26N/A
BP-1212512x12x5 Flat Boxes22/5002219 LBS $27.46N/A
BP-129312x9x3 Flat Boxes22/7502213 LBS $21.98N/A
BP-129412x9x4 Flat Boxes22/5002213 LBS $18.48N/A
BP-1313413x13x4 Flat Boxes22/2502220 LBS $29.66N/A
BP-1313513x13x5 Flat Boxes22/5002221.3 LBS $31.29N/A
BP-1410414x10x4 Flat Boxes22/5002215.6 LBS $22.89N/A
BP-1411314x11x3 Flat Boxes22/5002216 LBS $24.79N/A
BP-1412414x12x4 Flat Boxes22/5002219 LBS $27.91N/A
BP-1414314x14x3 Flat Boxes22/5002218 LBS $43.20N/A
BP-1414414x14x4 Flat Boxes22/5002223 LBS $32.96N/A
BP-1414514x14x5 Flat Boxes22/5002224 LBS $35.41N/A
BP-1510415x10x4 Flat Boxes22/5002215.5 LBS $24.34N/A
BP-1510515x10x5 Flat Boxes22/5002217 LBS $25.26N/A
BP-1512415x12x4 Flat Boxes22/2502219.8 LBS $28.92N/A
BP-1515315x15x3 Flat Boxes22/3002220.5 LBS $38.18N/A
BP-1515415x15x4 Flat Boxes22/2502225.8 LBS $37.61N/A
BP-1515515x15x5 Flat Boxes22/2502222.8 LBS $38.99N/A
BP-1515615x15x6 Flat Boxes22/2502228.8 LBS $41.46N/A
BP-1612416x12x4 Flat Boxes22/3752220.6 LBS $30.20N/A
BP-1614616x14x6 Flat Boxes22/2502227 LBS $40.09N/A
BP-1616416x16x4 Flat Boxes22/2502229 LBS $42.10N/A
BP-1714517x14x5 Flat Boxes22/2502222.5 LBS $42.66N/A
BP-1717417x17x4 Flat Boxes22/3002227 LBS $46.77N/A
BP-1810418x10x4 Flat Boxes22/5002218 LBS $26.17N/A
BP-1812418x12x4 Flat Boxes22/2502222 LBS $31.86N/A
BP-1812518x12x5 Flat Boxes22/2502223.3 LBS $33.78N/A
BP-1814418x14x4 Flat Boxes22/2502226 LBS $38.18N/A
BP-1814618x14x6 Flat Boxes22/2502229 LBS $42.28N/A
BP-1816418x16x4 Flat Boxes22/5002230.8 LBS $47.05N/A
BP-1816618x16x6 Flat Boxes22/2502233.8 LBS $51.64N/A
BP-1818418x18x4 Flat Boxes22/2502235.5 LBS $54.28N/A
BP-1818618x18x6 Flat Boxes22/2402232 LBS $45.49N/A
BP-1912419x12x4 Flat Boxes22/2502222.8 LBS $33.31N/A
BP-2010420x10x4 Flat Boxes22/3752219 LBS $28.01N/A
BP-2012420x12x4 Flat Boxes22/4502219.6 LBS $34.61N/A
BP-2012620x12x6 Flat Boxes22/2502226 LBS $38.18N/A
BP-2014620x14x6 Flat Boxes22/2502231 LBS $44.86N/A
BP-2015620x15x6 Flat Boxes22/2502227.8 LBS $48.60N/A
BP-2016420x16x4 Flat Boxes22/2502232.5 LBS $47.77N/A
BP-2016620x16x6 Flat Boxes22/2502235.8 LBS $51.99N/A
BP-2018620x18x6 Flat Boxes22/2502241 LBS $59.68N/A
BP-2020420x20x4 Flat Boxes11/2401117 LBS $25.18N/A
BP-2020620x20x6 Flat Boxes11/1201128 LBS $40.27N/A
BP-2020820x20x8 Flat Boxes11/1501130 LBS $43.28N/A
BP-2210422x10x4 Flat Boxes22/2502220.6 LBS $30.20N/A
BP-2214622x14x6 Flat Boxes22/2402226 LBS $37.72N/A
BP-2218622x18x6 Flat Boxes22/1202234.5 LBS $50.62N/A
BP-2222622x22x6 Flat Boxes11/1201133 LBS $50.15N/A
BP-2410624x10x6 Flat Boxes22/2502225 LBS $36.15N/A
BP-2412424x12x4 Flat Boxes22/3752222 LBS $37.72N/A
BP-2412624x12x6 Flat Boxes22/2402223.5 LBS $34.04N/A
BP-2414424x14x4 Flat Boxes22/2502231 LBS $44.86N/A
BP-2414624x14x6 Flat Boxes22/2502234 LBS $50.34N/A
BP-2414824x14x8 Flat Boxes22/2402230 LBS $45.40N/A
BP-2416424x16x4 Flat Boxes22/2502236 LBS $52.53N/A
BP-2416624x16x6 Flat Boxes22/2402231.8 LBS $46.12N/A
BP-2418424x18x4 Flat Boxes22/2402233.2 LBS $48.80N/A
BP-2418624x18x6 Flat Boxes22/2402236.2 LBS $52.36N/A
BP-2420424x20x4 Flat Boxes22/2402232 LBS $55.82N/A
BP-2420624x20x6 Flat Boxes11/2401120.5 LBS $30.01N/A
BP-2424424x24x4 Flat Boxes11/2401124 LBS $36.42N/A
BP-2424624x24x6 Flat Boxes11/1201125.5 LBS $36.98N/A
BP-2424724x24x7 Flat Boxes11/1201126.4 LBS $38.71N/A
BP-2424824x24x8 Flat Boxes11/1201127 LBS $39.36N/A
BP-2620426x20x4 Flat Boxes22/2402233 LBS $56.74N/A
BP-2620626x20x6 Flat Boxes22/2402235.8 LBS $61.87N/A
BP-2626626x26x6 Flat Boxes11/1201129 LBS $43.20N/A
BP-2816728x16x7 Flat Boxes22/2402236 LBS $53.26N/A
BP-2824628x24x6 Flat Boxes11/2401127.7 LBS $52.62N/A
BP-2828628x28x6 Flat Boxes11/1201133.6 LBS $53.09N/A
BP-3030630x30x6 Flat Boxes11/1501147.8 LBS $89.97N/A
BP-3030830x30x8 Flat Boxes11/1201140 LBS $63.34N/A
BP-3612436x12x4 Flat Boxes22/2402227.8 LBS $54.28N/A
BP-3624436x24x4 Flat Boxes11/1201129.8 LBS $68.00N/A
BP-3624636x24x6 Flat Boxes11/1201132 LBS $50.34N/A
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