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Cubed Boxes

$9.05 - $75.23
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Cubed boxes make stacking and shipping easier. Cubed corrugated boxes help to distribute weight evenly. Cubed boxes are popular corrugated boxes because of the ability to use them for round, cylindrical, and odd-shaped objects.


Our cubed corrugated boxes are made of 200# ect corrugated Kraft. Built to be solid and sturdy, and shipped flat for more affordable shipping. If you do not find what you are looking for here, check out corrugated boxes by size.


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Product Details:
SKUProductBundle/BaleBoxes Per OrderWeightPriceSale PriceQty
BP-10101010x10x10 Cubed Boxes22/5002215.45 LBS $26.73N/A
BP-11111111x11x11 Cubed Boxes22/5002222 LBS $32.40N/A
BP-12121212x12x12 Cubed Boxes22/5002227 LBS $37.80N/A
BP-13131313x13x13 Cubed Boxes22/5002230.5 LBS $43.93N/A
BP-14141414x14x14 Cubed Boxes22/2502236.5 LBS $51.06N/A
BP-15151515x15x15 Cubed Boxes22/2502240.5 LBS $58.41N/A
BP-16161616x16x16 Cubed Boxes22/1252246 LBS $66.28N/A
BP-17171717x17x17 Cubed Boxes22/1502251.5 LBS $75.23N/A
BP-18181818x18x18 Cubed Boxes22/1202247.6 LBS $66.74N/A
BP-19191919x19x19 Cubed Boxes11/1201125 LBS $37.08N/A
BP-20202020x20x20 Cubed Boxes11/1201128.4 LBS $41.64N/A
BP-21212121x21x21 Cubed Boxes11/1501139.9 LBS $68.36N/A
BP-22222222x22x22 Cubed Boxes11/1201134.2 LBS $49.42N/A
BP-24242424x24x24 Cubed Boxes11/1201140.6 LBS $58.30N/A
BP-25252525x25x25 Cubed Boxes11/1201144 LBS $67.36N/A
BP-26262626x26x26 Cubed Boxes11/1201147.5 LBS $74.95N/A
BP-27272727x27x27 Cubed Boxes551205525.6 LBS $40.36N/A
BP-28282828x28x28 Cubed Boxes551205527.5 LBS $43.39N/A
BP-30303030x30x30 Cubed BoxesMMy-905531.6 LBS $49.69N/A
BP-32323232x32x32 Cubed Boxes551205538.8 LBS $56.47N/A
BP-34343434x34x34 Cubed Boxes551205540.3 LBS $63.70N/A
BP-36363636x36x36 Cubed Boxes551205545 LBS $71.30N/A
BP-4444x4x4 Cubed Boxes22/1800223.5 LBS $9.05N/A
BP-5555x5x5 Cubed Boxes22/1800224.5 LBS $9.97N/A
BP-6666x6x6 Cubed Boxes22/1800226.3 LBS $12.81N/A
BP-7777x7x7 Cubed Boxes22/500229.3 LBS $16.84N/A
BP-8888x8x8 Cubed Boxes22/9002210.3 LBS $17.76N/A
BP-9999x9x9 Cubed Boxes22/6002212.6 LBS $21.59N/A

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