When Pallet Top Sheeting is a Must-Have!

Pallet top sheets are flat pre-perforated sheets of polyethylene plastic on a roll. Sheets can easily be torn from the roll and applied to pallet loads of products. Pallet top sheeting can vary in thicknesses depending on the application, but the most common thickness is a 1.5 mil thickness. Top sheets often cost less than $.50 per sheet and can pay for themselves several times over in certain circumstances. 

There are many different occasions when pallet top sheeting is necessary to reduce product damage. Pallet top sheeting provides protection against dust, moisture, and UV rays. Top sheeting can also assist in load concealment and security. Below is a list of applications when pallet top sheeting is essential to ensure pallet loads are protected.

Long Term Storage for Products Sensitive to Dust

Pallet top sheeting can be necessary for protecting product loads sensitive to dust. Depending on the primary packaging used, pallet loads of products such as electronics, clothes, furniture, mattresses, artwork, and more can be vulnerable to long term dust collection. Dust collection over long periods can keep companies from selling products with fabrics as new without extensive cleaning. Electronics can be completely ruined by long term dust collection without proper primary packaging around the electronics.

Simply securing a pallet with a stretch film will not keep dust from accumulating on the top of a pallet load of products. Pallet covers are expensive and can take time to apply. Top sheeting can quickly be applied during machine or hand stretch film applications and ensure products will be protected from dust exposure.

Dust Protection From Pallet Top Sheeting

Storage in Wet and Humid Environments 

Condensation, humidity, and moisture can damage and destroy the majority of products bought and snew around the world. Depending on the level of moisture present in the environment, pallet sheeting can prove to be a worthwhile investment.

For product storage in high humidity environments and light moisture, top sheeting is an excellent option. We do recommend alternative options in high moisture environments. For long durations of heavy moisture, we recommend pallet shrink bags or pallet covers.

When the top sheets are layered onto product loads with stretch film, moisture is blocked from entering the top of the load. Wrapping a pallet load several times to the top of the pallet with stretch film and then applying the top sheeting before moving the stretch film down the pallet keeps products from direct water contact. The bottom layer of stretch film protects products from water droplets rolling off of the top of the pallet.

Pallet Top Sheeting Moisture Protection

Protection for Products Sensitive to UV Rays

Opaque top sheeting with opaque stretch film can help protect products sensitive to UV rays. Opaque pallet covers are more expensive than the combination of opaque stretch film with an opaque top sheeting. The combination of the two can block out up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

For longer-term exposure to UV rays we recommend the top sheeting and stretch film include a UV additive. The UV additive helps to prevent the film from degrading during longer UV exposure. Stock stretch film and top sheeting are typically guaranteed for 30 days without any UV additive. With an additive, sheeting and film can be guaranteed for up to 9 months before beginning to degrade.

Load Concealment During Transportation

As pointed out above, the combination of opaque stretch film and opaque top sheeting is less expensive than opaque pallet covers. For load concealment, the combination of the two products achieves the same objective for less cost than the opaque pallet covers.

Product shipments become discrete and less noticeable. Products within the shipment cannot be detected unless the film and top sheeting are removed. This helps to deter theft and unneeded difficulties during transportation and storage.

Stock and Custom Pallet Sheeting Sizes

The most common pallet top sheeting size is 60"x60". Another optional sock size is 72"x72". Custom perforated top sheeting pallet covers can often be made within 7-10 day lead times and can be made large or small depending on customer specifications.

The most common sheet thickness is a 1.5 mil thickness which is comparable to the thickness of a heavy duty trash bag. The 1.5 mil thickness is sufficient for the majority of applications. For applications of pallet top loading, a thicker top sheeting is often recommended. This helps to prevent upper pallets from tearing the sheeting on the lower pallet loads.

Stock thicknesses can be made up to a 6 mil thickness. Top sheeting is available in clear, black, and white. Any additional slip additives or UV additives can be added on custom orders. Minimums are determined by the number of raw materials used to produce the custom size and thickness.

For custom orders, fill out our quote form or call our sales department and they will assist you with questions. Visit our pallet top sheeting section online to order stock sizes. We offer price breaks starting at five or more rolls of sheeting.  



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