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What is it Packaged In?

To assist you with your online search, we have compiled a list of products and how they are packaged. Some of the packaging solutions listed are items and machines we offer; others are not. We want to help you with information to make the right decision for your products. This is the first part in a 5 part series briefly explaining what some different items we see daily are packaged in.

Below is a list of 8 different items and how they are packaged. 

What is Take-and-Bake or Frozen Pizza Packaged in?
How you package your pizzas should be determined by the storage times needed until consumption. Some small markets and pizzerias make pizzas to be taken home and baked within days of purchase. A top pizza top sheet or sometimes only a box is used for to-go. Since the coronavirus has taken hold, more companies are choosing a protective top sheeting for take-and-bake pizzas.
For large companies packaging frozen pizzas, most are using polyolefin shrink film. Unlike the sheeting mentioned above, it encloses the pizza helping to protect it while in freezer storage. Many companies choose a thin 60 gauge FDA approved polyolefin shrink film. The thinner shrink film is not ideal for storage longer than six months, but easy to open and great for 30-day freezer storage.

Packaged Frozen Pizza

What are Cookies Packaged in?
In grocery stores, cookies are packaged many different ways. Some larger brands use custom packaging with peelable top lids that can easily reclose. Those packages have a foil barrier to help reduce oxygen transmittal during storage. They also have a unique adhesive around the lid part to close after being opened.
Many cookies made in bakeries use a clear rigid container made of polystyrene and other materials. The container does not extend shelf life much but provides a clear container to display cookies and easily be labeled. 

Packaged Cookies

How to Packaging Fragile Items?
Fragile items can be packaged in various ways; what should be determined is the stress the item will go through before reaching its final destination. If you are packaging fragile products for shipping, the key is void fill. Using material to reduce the movement of the product within the package. The void fill surrounds the product to help protect during shipping, and limited movement keeps the product from breaking during impact.
Packaging fragile products for shelf display can be complicated. To correctly display the product, it can not be fully protected. Some companies choose custom molded packaging to hold products in place while protecting them on the shelves, while others simply wrap the product to contain broken pieces if something does happen. Bath bombs are often packaged like this, in an external shrink film to keep the powder from falling off during transport.

Fragile Item Packaging

What are Electronics Packaged In?
Large electronics companies pay for custom packaging to eliminate copycats. Many do use an overwrap machine that looks like the packaging material is folded on the corners. Overwrap machines use heat and the right material to fold and seal packages. 
More prominent brands use custom molded packaging. Some are packaged in custom molded boxes and others in more rigid clamshell packaging.

Packaged Electronics

What are stickers/labels packaged in?
Packaging stickers can be done with lip seal bags that open and close after stickers have been removed. Other stickers are packaged using cello or poly bags. The disadvantage of these bags are once opened; they do not contain the stacks of stickers.
Stickers and label rolls are different. A roll of stamps from the post office is shrink-wrapped. Label rolls come shrink wrapped as well because it prevents the roll from unspooling when in transport. Another option for label or stickers is a rigid case with a small slit to dispense as needed.

Packaged Labels

How to package liquids for shipping?
Packaging liquids for shipping will require more than other products. The first question to be addressed should be what carrier the liquids will be shipping with? Each carrier has different requirements for shipping liquids.
Our last post on shipping liquids points out the requirements different carriers look for when shipping liquids. Most want two forms of seals on the container. A bottle with a lip seal on the top and lid would also require a shrink cap or bag over the container to enclose a spill.
A popular method used by many Amazon sellers is a shrinking cap over the bottle top plus the entire container covered with shrink wrap or a bag to create a double barrier.

Packaged Liquids

What are dog treats and bones packaged in?
Dog treat packaging can vary depending on the type and size of the treat. Smaller chew sticks bulk packaged are packaged with poly bags and a branded and folded chipboard with a hanger hole.

Larger individual dog bones are packaged using shrink film to cover the bone and then a label is placed over the bone. The packaging with a custom label can cost pennies per bone using this method.

Packaged Dog Treats

How to package coffee?
Coffee in the stores is packaged in many different ways. Some fully ground coffee comes in metal canisters. Most whole bean coffee found pre-packaged in stores uses an oxygen barrier to keep beans fresh and from drying out. The inside foil lining on the coffee bag is the oxygen barrier.
For shorter storage times, some roasters use Kraft paper bags with a 
poly coating to help preserve beans. This method is not recommended for long term storage. For longer coffee bean storage, many choose a form of modified atmosphere packaging. The right method can significantly extend shelf life and preserve roasted bean freshness.

Packaged Coffee
There are many ways to package each item. It is up to you to determine what will protect the items you are packaging. If consumable, finding what will offer the most extended shelf life, best look, or easiest opening. Everyone has their preference on what is most important.
If packaging for shipping and storage, protecting the product until its final destination should be the number one priority. The right solution should protect the product during storage with minimal room for movement during transport. For more information about packaging your products, call 1-800-441-5090 or shop online at


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