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Vacuum Bag Sizing Information

Finding the right vacuum bag size for a specific amount of product can be challenging. A bag size that holds 5 lbs of coffee may be different than a bag containing 5 lbs of cannabis.
Even household gallon and quart reclosable bags can vary in measurements.

When using a vacuum sealer with a bag, the bags need to be large enough to make a seal. The bags will be slightly different sizes than standard reclosable bags. If using a nozzle vacuum sealer, additional bag space is required for the nozzle to remove air. The use of a chamber vacuum sealer will need added bag space to place over the sealing lip of the chamber. Be sure the bags purchased are barrier bags. Ordinary poly bags will not work for vacuum sealing, an oxygen barrier is required to maintain a seal.

We used the bag sizes below for liquids and dried beans. The images are of dried beans with a bag size large enough to make an airtight seal. 

Cup (5”x7”)

Cup Sized Vacuum Bag
A cup of liquid and dried beans fit a 5”x7” vacuum bag, still allowing room to make a seal. Small 5”x7” vacuum bags are perfect for spices, dried fruits, and more.

Pint (6”x10”)

Pint Sized Vacuum Sealer Bag
A pint of both liquids and solids fits loosely in a 6”x10” vacuum bag. The additional space leaves room to make an airtight seal.

Quart (8”x10”)

Quart Sized Vacuum Bags
An 8”x10” vacuum bag fits a quart of liquids or solids with additional space for a nozzle or seal lip on a chamber sealer. The extra room left in the bag is enough for one other pint if need.

½ Gallon (8”x12”)

Half Gallon Sized Vacuum Bag
One-half gallon is the same as two quarts. An 8”x12” bag fits a half-gallon perfectly, still allowing room to make an airtight seal.

Gallon (12”x18”)

Gallon Sized Vacuum Sealer Bag
The larger vacuum bags can be challenging to find an exact size. We use a 12”x18” vacuum bags for gallons. With both solids and liquids, the 12”x18” bags had plenty of additional room, and approximately another quart could be added to the bag, still allowing room to make a seal.

Five Gallons (18"x28" 4 Mil Minimum)

Five Gallon Vacuum Sealer Bags
Trying to determine the size of the bag needed for five gallons of product can be difficult. Five gallons of beans have a different consistency than five gallons of herbs or even liquids. The 18”x28” bag will fit five gallons of beans and liquid with additional room to make seals.

All of the bag sizes offered above can be found online here. For questions about sizing, products, and processes, call 1-800-441-5090.  


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