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United States Packaging Companies

The packaging industry is vast and complex, made up of a large variety of sectors serving customers in businesses across the world. We thought it would be beneficial to our customers and readers online to put together a list of packaging companies in the United States.

The list below is by no means a complete list of packaging companies in the United States, but a compilation of companies that show the diversity of the packaging industry.

Below is also a text list and description of the companies in the image. The descriptions of each company show the versatility of the packaging industry.

United States Packaging Companies


Accredo Packaging - Producer of sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

Accutech Packaging - Manufacturer of Thermoformed parts, including blisters, clamshells, and trays.

Advanced Packaging Inc. - Provider of quality stock and custom container solutions for military and commercial equipment manufacturers

Alpine Packaging Inc. - Printer of high-quality labels, tapes, and clear poly products.

Automated Packaging Systems - Manufacturer providing auto-baggers, and packaging systems for poly bags and form fill seal systems.

Carolina Retail Packaging - Specializing in designing and printing creative graphics for store use packaging.

Classic Packaging Corp. - Offers custom and stock packaging materials and supplies.

Combi Packaging Systems - A leading end-of-line packaging equipment manufacturer.

Container & Packaging Supply - A premier supplier of plastic and glass bottles and jars.

Engineered Packaging Solutions - A developer of packaging machinery and conveyor solutions for customers in multiple industries.

FCA Packaging - Offers a wide range of custom industrial packaging solutions.

GBE Packaging - Supplier of wholesale packaging supplies.

Howard Packaging - Offers branding and distribution services for independent and national chain businesses throughout North America.

International Plastics - Manufacturer, importer, and supplier of polyethylene film and bags.

LMI Packaging - Packaging experts, dedicated to doing more than producing high-quality food service lidding.

McKernan Packaging - Offers first quality discount wholesale bottles, surplus bottles, bulk lotion pumps, trigger sprayers, and wholesale jars to customers worldwide.

Morgan Chaney Packaging - A leader in custom printed paper bags, plastic shopping bags, recycled and reusable bags.

Neighborhood Parcel - Boston's leading international shipping center.

Orion Packaging - Designs and manufactures automatic stretch wrappers and semi-automatic wrapping machines

Packaging Strategies Inc. - A supplier and manufacturer of packages and container solutions for the private and government sectors.

Packsize - Worldwide leader in efficient packaging solutions for companies with multifaceted corrugated packaging needs.

Plastic Ingenuity - Provides a wide range of thermoforming, tooling, extrusion, and design services.

Protective Packaging Corp. - A leading manufacturer of custom-made protective packaging.

SCT Packaging - A leading manufacturer of paperboard packaging in the United States and abroad.

Sonic Packaging - Works to help discover the best delivery system and process for each customer and their specific products.

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. - A full-service packaging supply company focused on primary and secondary packaging solutions.

Volk Packaging - Designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality corrugated and foam products.

A glance over this shortlist shows the versatility and variety of the packaging industry. This list is only a small sample of the multiple packaging companies around the world. An excellent resource for finding a packaging company for a specific need is the Packaging Digest buyers guide. It lists numerous suppliers broken down into different categories.


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