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U.S. Packaging & Wrapping's Response to COVID-19

The world is experiencing a shutdown and social isolation not seen before in modern times. People are confined to their homes, attempting to accomplish all the work they can. Some businesses have seen total shutdowns, while others have experienced significant spikes in revenue. Consumable household goods are flying off store shelves. Many beverage and food makers are using increased amounts of protective packaging due to coronavirus. Restaurants and other food producers are applying exterior packaging they have never used before to keep from exposing eatable items.

The United States has more reported coronavirus cases than any other country in the world. With uncertain times ahead and all of our lives changed, we feel obligated to do our part. To help keep the supply chain moving, we are making adjustments to safely and swiftly ship products free of charge during this crisis. Please see the details below.


We are practicing workplace safety guidelines, according to the CDC. We have staggered warehouse shifts to limit employee contact, while our sales staff is working from home. All in-person machines and material testing have been suspended. We are still allowing send-in product testing in which we provide videos of products running and a returned packaged product.

In addition to limited employee contact, we are also shipping from restricted warehouses. Due to higher COVID-19 cases in GA and CA, we are limiting shipments out of those warehouses. Our Arkansas facility is more isolated, with fewer reported COVID-19 cases in the area. Customers in and around GA and CA can still receive products from in-state warehouses if needed.

Fast Shipping or Delayed - Your Choice

Because of unexpected rises in demand, some businesses are desperate to receive supplies and more efficient machinery. We are trying to ship all stock orders the same or next day after being placed to speed up delivery times. All stock freight orders are prepared and scheduled within 48 hours.

We also recognize countless businesses have been closed and can not receive shipments during this outbreak. We are willing to hold orders upon request and release the order once normal business operations resume.

Free Shipping (Extended)

Once officials began to enact social distancing, we began offering free shipping to do our part to help. With the overwhelming response from our customers and our desire to continue to assist during this time, we extended free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States for two months ending May 31st.

During the COVID-19 crisis, shipping companies are returning packages to senders if the business at the shipping address is closed. Please be sure your business will be open before placing an order. If you would like your order held until normal business operations continue, be sure to make a note in the shipping instructions section or call us to request a shipping delay.

Together we will overcome COVID-19 and return to life as normal. Please let us know if you need any assistance. Phone support is available M – F, 8-5, call 1-800-441-5090.

Response to Coronavirus - U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC.


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