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U.S. Packaging & Wrapping 2015 and Beyond

Last week we wrote a blog post about the U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. 2014 year in review. We highlighted exciting developments and product additions in 2014. The most important part of our year in review was thanking our customers for their continued business. Our valued customers are the heart and soul of our business and we value each one of them large and small.

The up and coming developments for 2015 are centered around customer requests. Everything from product demos to new product additions. We do not know this far in advance everything we will be doing this year, but we do know several developments in the works.

Increased Product Inventory From Our Central Warehouse

Historically our Arkansas location has been our main office headquarters. Shipping was really limited from the Arkansas warehouse and inventory was specific to customers in the local area. Our main shipping warehouses for years have been east coast and west coast.

The decision was made late 2014 to move to a larger Arkansas location and begin stocking several items for our customers located in the Midwest. The Arkansas facility is also going to be used to ship products that may be low in stock at other facilities. We will be fully stocked and completely moved by the end of Jan. 2015. 

New Product Lines

Our purchasers are always looking for new product categories. Many of the new products to be included are direct requests from current customers. Below are a couple of new products lines we will begin offering by the middle of 2015.

Vacuum Sealing Machines and Equipment

We are excited about this addition to our food packaging products. We often get calls from customers wanting to remove all air out of their product packaging and create an airtight seal. Many people believe shrink packaging will achieve this goal. Shrink packaging actually needs vent holes to allow air to escape the packaging. Air is not sucked out of the packaging like a vacuum sealer is able to do. We want to offer this option along with our shrink wrapping for our customers trying to obtain a completely airtight seal.

All of the vacuum sealing machines we will be offering will be for commercial use. We tried to find a reliable home use vacuum sealer we could sell and determined our best option would be to stay with the commercial machines. We will also be offering a full line of vacuum pouches.

All of our vacuum pouches will be a 3 to 4 Mil thickness. We will be offering a variety of sizes in both standard vacuum pouches and channeled vacuum pouches. We will also be publishing several new tutorial videos on vacuum sealers. Read below in our upcoming videos and tutorials section.

Polyethylene Shrink Wrap

We are finishing talks with a manufacturer to begin providing a variety of polyethylene shrink wrap products. We currently offer polyethylene pallet shrink bags and polyethylene shrink bundling film. We are now wanting to offer industrial polyethylene shrink wrap on rolls.

We often receive calls from customers wanting to wrap different objects in a 6, 8, 10, or 12 mil polyethylene shrink wrap. These rolls are common in the marine industry. Boats are often winterized with a thick polyethylene shrink wrap. There are a variety of other uses as well and we look forward to supplying everything needed for industrial shrink wrapping by early 2015.

New Videos and Tutorials

One of our main services to our customers is in-depth articles and tutorials about our products. These articles and videos include applications, machine set up, product comparisons, and more. The upcoming year will be no different. We have some exciting new product demos in the works.

We will also be writing detailed information about our new products. For our new vacuum sealing products, we will be doing vacuum pouch comparisons, sealer demos, and more. Our polyethylene shrink wrap will be accompanied with demos for installing and applying film as well as shrink gun demos and set up.

We would welcome the opportunity to grow with your company in 2015. If you need any packaging assistance feel free to call us at 1-800-441-5090 or visit our online store at


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