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The New American Made T2016 Shrink Tunnel

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC. is proud to announce our new partnership with Heatsealco. HeatSealco has been offering quality American Made products for decades. We will be rolling out a series of new industrial and food packaging machinery. Our first product in this roll out is the tabletop T2016 shrink tunnel.

The T2016 shrink tunnel is made from a thick gauged and durable steel design. Each tunnel is produced from raw materials and manufactured in Cleveland Ohio. We always try to offer a few tunnels in stock and should never have a lead time longer than 6 weeks if out of stock.

Each T2016 shrink tunnel offers quick and easy setup from crate to operation. The patented airflow design allows the T2016 tunnel to outperform similar tunnels. The 110v power is great for office spaces and other areas without higher voltage power outlets available.

American Made Shrink Tunnel


* Thick Gauged Steel Construction

* Durable Heating Core Designed for Years of Use

* Patented Air Velocity Heat Flow

* Non-Stick Mesh Belt Overlay

* 1/4 Horse Power Conveyor Motor

* Adjustable Height Control

* Tabletop or Stand Alone Model Available

* 2 Year Warranty on Parts

* Tunnel Conveyor Speeds up to 25 FPM

* Automatic Tunnel Cool Down

* Increase Insulation for Faster Recovery Times



The advantage the T2016 shrink tunnel offers is the ability to wrap thicker film that requires a higher shrink temp or longer heat exposure. The recirculating chamber allows heat to evenly shrink a large variety of product shapes and sizes. Many thicker Polyolefin and Polyethylene shrink films do not shrink well in comparable tunnels.

To test your products on the T2016 shrink tunnel, visit our contact us page and send a sample product to our headquarters. Be sure to include a detailed note explaining what you would like done and the look you are trying to achieve. Our staff will run the product through the tunnel and offer pictures, and videos upon request. Call us at 1-800-441-5090 with questions and quote requests!  



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