Stretch Wrap Machine Upgrades

For some companies, a standard stretch wrap machine does not accommodate the products being wrapped. The ability to add machine upgrades can increase productivity, load security, and consistency. This article will explain the different stretch machine upgrades we offer and what problems they often address.

To correctly understand the upgrades we offer we need to offer the specifics of our standard stretch wrap machine. The 2000B stretch wrap machine is a very well built chain driven stretch wrap machine made to handle all day stretch wrapping applications. All of the custom upgrades we offer are modifications to the base 2000B model. Please see the description below and under that a list of upgrade options.

2000B Stretch Wrap Machine

The Eagle 2000B is our bestselling semi-automatic stretch wrap machine. The 2000B stretch wrap machine features a powered pre-stretch up to 250%. The pre-stretched head increases stretch film efficiency and load retention.

The 59” turntable diameter will support pallets with a diagonal of up to 80 inches. The 2000B offers a soft start and stop feature to reduce load shifting. This is an excellent feature for wrapping pallets full of boxes. The soft start keeps boxes from flying off the pallet during the initial start-up.

The easy plug-and-play set up allows and promotes quick and easy setup. With the use of a forklift and a few tools, each stretch wrap machine can be set up and operating within 30 minutes or less. All 2000B stretch wrap machines run off of 110v power.

Machine Specifications

Power: 110V/60Hz 

Turntable Speed: 12 RPM 

Load Sensor: Automatic load height sensor 

Control Panel: LCD Panel 

Turntable Drive: Chain 

Max Stretch Rate: 250% 

Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Parts 

Ramp: Standard Pallet Jack Ramp Included* 

Turntable Diameter: 59” 

Turntable Diagonal: 80” 

Mast height: 95” 

Max Load Weight: 5,000 lbs. 

Min. Load Height: 22” 

Max load Height: 87” 

Max Stretch Film Width: 20”* 

Machine Dimensions: 96.5”x59”x99” 

Machine Weight: 1,295 lbs.

Available Upgrades

Extended Mast- The extended mast upgrade is a common upgrade for wrapping pallets in excess of 87 inches. Our stock extended mast machine will wrap pallet loads up to 120 inches in height.

Extended Base- The extended base upgrade is an ideal upgrade for shipping pallets with a diagonal in excess of 80 inches. The stock extended base stretch wrap machine will wrap pallets up to a 170 inch diagonal. That is a squared pallet up to 120"x120".

Extended Base and Extended Mast- The extended base and extended mast upgrade are for wider and taller pallets. Our stock extended base and extended mast stretch wrap machine will wrap pallets up to 120 inches tall and 170-inch diagonals.

Heavy Duty Ramp- All of our stretch wrap machines come with a standard duty ramp that will hold up to 5,000 lbs. with no tow motors. The heavy duty ramp is an excellent upgrade for electric pallet jacks. The heavy duty ramp will accommodate loads up to 10,000 lbs.

Scale- One of the most common upgrades we do is a stretch wrap machine with a scale. Our stock stretch wrap machine with a scale will weigh and hold pallet loads up to 5,000 lbs.

Black Photo-Eye- Our standard photo-eye is made to be used with a clear stretch film. The black photo-eye is an upgrade for companies who prefer to use a black opaque stretch film.

Laser Sensor- The laser sensor is different because it does not require a beam to transmit back to the system as the photo-eye does. It is an excellent option for companies wrapping rounded objects and irregularly shaped pallet loads.

30" Film Carriage- All stock machines come with a 20 inch film carriage. The 30 inch film carriage allows the user to run up to a 30 inch wide roll to reduce the number of revolutions needed per pallet load.

Call our sales team at 1-800-441-5090 for questions and pricing or fill out our quote form with the upgrades you are interested in. Most upgrades can be done within a 5-7 business day lead time.


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